6 Microwave Oven Cooking Tips

6 Microwave Oven Cooking Tips

The microwave is the modern-day solution to all cooking problems. Easy, affordable and convenient, microwave ovens became a hit when they were introduced and still continue to dominate kitchens around the world.

People complain that microwave ovens are not as good as regular cooking apparatus for a variety of reasons. While you may not be able to replicate real cooking, which is an art, with a simple heating machine, you can use the microwave oven cleverly to come up with a number of great cooking ideas.

1. Reheat Your Food in An Even Manner

There is a procedure for heating your food. Ideally, you should place it evenly around the plate, with a little hole in the middle, just like a doughnut. In some ovens, certain spots of the plate get heated, while others remain quite cold.

Ensure that this does not happen with your meal. You must identify the hot spots in the oven and place your food accordingly. Food in the oven which has not been reheated properly may contribute to a rather unhappy dining experience.

2. Get More Out of Your Microwave Oven

Did you know that you could fit multiple bowls in the oven? Just ensure that they are far apart from each other and are separated with something like a wide glass, for example. You can try a little trick with your citrus fruits. Just put them in the oven for a few seconds and they will give out more juice. The storage of citrus fruits however, must be in the refrigerator. You can hear them only before consumption.

3. Freshly Cooked Eggs, Straight from The Roaster

You can cook eggs in the oven. For a sunny side up, preheat, add a little butter and let the egg cook itself in the oven. If you need a scrambled egg, fill a microwave-safe bowl to its half with water, crack the egg into it, cover the bowl with a safe plate, and cook for around a minute. That will be all – you can enjoy some nice eggs for breakfast without having to do much!

4. Bring the Crisp and Savor the Crunch

You can use the microwave to bring crispiness in foods which have grown a little soft. From biscuits to fries, the microwave oven can do magic with food and bring back the crunch which you are craving for. You can also make great home-made breads in the microwave once you master its working. Start here in case you are looking to buy bread knife.

5. Utensils Matter – Ensure That You Have the Right One

When heating food in the microwave, ensure that you have the right utensils. All microwave ovens come with a user manual, and this must be studied carefully. Using the wrong utensil may cause unequal heating of the food or contamination with the substance of the utensil itself. If you do not possess the user guide, you can always ask the company for a new one, which is easy, quick and convenient.

6. Until Next Time!

Now that you are using your microwave, you need to make sure that it is clean. You can remove the glass plate and wash it properly, but there is more that needs to be done. You can use citrus to rid your oven of smells. Avoid using any artificial cleaning sprays, as they are likely to leave an undesirable odor inside the heating area. Ensure that you remove food stains and avoid putting any moist cloth near the heating vents. Go gentle with the cleaning or hire a professional to do it for you.

As you see, the oven is a brilliant invention. If you know the tricks of its usage, you will easily be able to churn out your favorite meals and appetizers. Indulge in a totally gastronomic experience by using these tips. However, bear in mind that cooking in itself is an art.

You must put in the right amount of spices, the right assortment of ingredients and the proper proportion of love to dish out the best meal. This, though quite impossible to replicate on a microwave oven, may still be somewhat present in its case too.

All you need to do is be smart, and the oven will be your forte!


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