6 Bathroom Accessories to Jazz up Your Shower Time

6 Bathroom Accessories to Jazz up Your Shower Time

Showering, especially at night, is one activity that has ceased to become just a routine for hygiene and has elaborated into a therapeutic pattern which every person has got to indulge in. There are a lot of gadgets out there which promise to make this time spent in the shower even more fun and interesting. Let’s look at the top six accessories which have changed the market with their innovative ideas to land up in your bathroom.

1. Fogless Mirror

When looking forward to a hot and comforting bath, there is always the unwanted issue of fogging up within the bathroom. It gets harder when the mirror has to be used and this is exactly where the fogless shower mirror comes into play. With its added durability and smoothness, these mirrors make sure that you get to experience a clear surface to look into for your hygiene rituals. The added durability, design and smoothness of the product further enhance their compatibility within the ambience of your space.

2. Automatic Mopping Devices

These mopping robots, as they are also known as are incredibly useful gadgets to ensure a hassle free shower experience. This device continues to ensure that the surface of the bathroom is kept dry and prevents any chances of slipping over left over water. Moreover, it is also able to detect and remove stains to keep the location spotless. There are some devices which can even return to their charging point when they sense that they are running out of charge, making it one of the best companions to clean up after us.

4. Heat Sensitive Showerhead

One of the most important ingredients for the perfect shower time is definitely the temperature of the water. The heat sensitive shower head makes sure that the water which comes out of it can be set to a particular temperature range and not scald us. There are types which change up to three colors based on the temperature range and there are products whose temperature can be exactly dictated through an interactive app provided by the manufacturer. You can also get a bath pillow if you want to relax in your bath tub. Check out Home Spa Select to check out the reviews of best bath pillows.

5. Waterproof Notepads

Who does not get those life changing ideas when showering away? Waterproof notepads are a must to be attached near the shower of any Archimedes in the making. Made out of about 40 perforated sheets, this set comes with a pencil and a stand for it. The pencil can be continued to write even for everyday use in addition to being exposed to water. And so, all the brilliant ideas which pop up during shower time will finally not go down the drain!

3. Shower Speakers

What other way to unwind than have our favorite music play in the background? Comforting music playing as we shower is the best way to completely enjoy the shower time. And for this purpose, we have got smart Shower Speakers which connect to our phone to play the exact playlist that we desire. You can also play some karaoke songs and sing along. You can call it your own custom karaoke-style machine to unleash the bathroom singer in you.

These waterproof smart speakers are the best choice as they allow us to keep our device away from water and even allow us to attend calls while providing the right ambience for our shower time.

6. Color Changing Shower Head

This cool gadget provides a really exciting shower time indeed. With a choice amongst seven vibrant colors or a single rainbow color, you can have your shower lit with a really beautiful aura. This shower head provides the right amount of water pressure and adds to the relaxing atmosphere which is craved during showering. With the right music and the right color, your shower time becomes the ultimate location to shake out any problems of the day.

The technological gizmos which are everyday, make life way more exciting and comfortable. With such a wide array of accessories to spice up our bath time, showering does seem like a good treat to retreat into after a really exhausting day.


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