2019 Summer Home Decor Trends

Home Decor Trends

Summer is a time of renewal with many plants in bloom and gray winter skies giving way to sunshine. It is also a great time of the year to update a home’s décor. Before beginning the process, though, most homeowners want to know what trends are popular so that updates remain current. To that end, here are five new and exciting home décor trends for the summer of 2019:

1. Kitchens

Kitchens are always near the top of the list when it comes to updating a home’s décor. This isn’t surprising when one considers the amount of time that families spend in the kitchen, especially during the summer when school is out. Additionally, updating a kitchen can increase a home’s value and make the home easier to sell.

For 2019, homeowners are installing more farmhouse sinks than ever before. This is partly due to their looks and partly due to their ergonomic design, which makes it easier to wash large pots and pans without developing back pain. Sinks are available in a variety of materials, including porcelain, copper, stainless steel and granite. They can even be fabricated to match existing countertops.

Several years ago, granite was the preferred choice for kitchen surfaces. Lately, though, that preference has given way to marble, especially in higher-end homes. Some of the new marble countertops are absolutely beautiful, plus they are available in many colors and designs. Some of the more popular colors for 2019 include Fantasy Brown and Mercury White.

2. Floors

Artificial hardwood floors continue to be very popular in 2019. These floors are typically composed of tiles that look like wood or engineered plank floors made of vinyl. The latter often come with a cork underlayment that makes the floor more comfortable to walk on. Colors vary, but dark colors dominate the scene in 2019. Some of the more popular colors include dark walnut, espresso and ebony, along with blends of those colors.

Not everyone prefers dark floors, though. Light hardwood floors are also very popular, especially in lighter tones that hide the yellow. One of the most popular light colors is natural, which has become easier to achieve due to the development of water-based polyurethanes that hide the yellow better than the old-style oil-based polyurethanes.

3. Window Treatments

In addition to serving a practical purpose, window treatments and window decals can make or break the look of a room. Although the possibilities seem almost endless, the following window treatments are dominating the scene in 2019:

a. Contrast Curtains

Contrast curtaincolors using contrasting block patterns to achieve a unique design. Colors are typically on the warm side of neutral, which gives a modern look to almost any room. In some cases, dark and light colors are mixed to achieve a layered look. Contrast curtains are often paired with minimal fittings to keep the emphasis on the curtain design.

b. Window Decals

Recent advances in technology have led to the development of new window decals that provide an alternative to traditional window treatments. Although they cost less, decals can actually make window treatments look more expensive by providing a stained-glass look. A bonus is that window decals are easy to install and can be designed to fit complex window shapes.

c. Cellular Shades

Saving energy and money has never been more popular than it is in 2019. Because of this, cellular shades are very trendy. Not only do these shades look great, but they are also known for their ability to save energy. They are constructed using a honeycomb design that buffers against heat loss and gain by trapping air between the room and the window. They are available in a variety of patterns, textures and colors and can be fitted with multiples options, including motorized remote controls.

4. Large-Scale Wall Art

Art work is trending in a big way this year, especially when it is large enough to cover a good portion of a wall. New designs feature updated color trends with big and bold patterns. Done right, wall art naturally becomes the focal point of a room.

Although it may seem like a monumental task to select the proper size of large-scale wall art, it is actually quite simple. Just measure the length and width of the wall. Then multiply each of those numbers by four-sevenths or 0.571. The resultant length and width should be ideal for the wall.

5. Jewel-Tone Furniture

Last, but not least, is jewel-tone furniture. Jewel tones provide a look of elegance and give a regal look to any room. Although this look is trending for 2019, the jewel look can be styled up or down to give it much more longevity. For a super trendy look, brilliant colors can be paired with jewel tones to create a very chic, relaxed look.


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