Five Life Saving Items Every Mom Needs

Five Life Saving Items Every Mom Needs

As a new mom in the year 2019, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to figure out what tools and toys you need from the many options provided for your new little baby. How many outfits do I need? What can I do to keep the nursery smelling fresh? How do I go grocery shopping with a baby?

It seems that a lot of the little details are looked over in the onslaught of advice people give. Because of this, here’s a list of our top five favorite life-saving items every mom needs to make life with baby more blissful.

1. Easy On and Off Outfits

You will find that you are consistently finding stains on both you and baby, from food to milk and beyond! Have comfortable outfits that can easily come on and off are a must for both of you!

For baby, consider these knotted sleepers. They are Comfortable and stretchy so they make for easy diaper changes, eliminating the need to completely undress your little one every 30 minutes.

For mom, try these ultra soft house dresses. You’ll want something loose, simple and convenient, and these dresses check off every box. With buttons at the top that make for easy breastfeeding or pumping and easy-to-wash material, you’ll want to wear it every day.

2. Safe Shopping Cart Option

Even though we all wish we could stay at home and not have to run errands, we still have to return to normal life. One of the things that a new mom needs to learn to do is shop with a baby, especially grocery shop. A current hot-button question in the baby community is “how do I safely put my baby in a shopping cart before they’re able to sit up?”.

One option is to look at a shopping cart car seat holder. Easily stored when not in use and made with comfortable material, this is a reliable, safe option for your baby and one that leaves ample room in your shopping cart that other options cannot provide.

3. Odor-eliminating Diaper Solution

For many a new mom and dad, the most ominous part of parenthood is the sheer amount of diapers that they will be tasked with changing. Get rid of the diaper odor by investing in a diaper pail. Keep the smells contained for a fresher smelling nursery!

4. A Reliable Diaper Bag

One of the major baby musts is a sturdy, roomy diaper bag. You’ll want to make sure you find a bag that is big enough to hold all of baby’s and your supplies. It also must be one that will survive the hundreds of trips to the grocery store, doctor’s office, and park playdates without snagged zippers and torn fabric.

This diaper bag has ample room, tons of extra storage pockets, and with its standard design and classic color options, this is a bag that everyone in the family could get on board with.

5. Dependable Lotions and Ointments

Keeping baby fresh and clean is at the top of your priority list, and you’ll want to ensure that what you’re using high-quality products with ingredients you trust and can rely on, and that grants you peace of mind.

Consider this all over ointment, the perfect solution for everything from eczema to cradle cap to diaper rash. Made with natural, plant-based products, you can have comfort in knowing you are giving your baby the best.


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