Are You Ready to Embrace The Future of Waste Disposal in the UK

waste disposal in the UK

It’s no recent news that our landfills are filling up at a rapid rate. With an ever-increasing population, addressing waste management issues has become more important than ever. But what would the future of waste disposal in the UK look like? In this article, we give you a glimpse of the upcoming revolutions in the waste disposal and rubbish removal industry in the UK.

Growth of waste removal services in London and beyond

Even though there has been a lot of effort put in by the government when it comes to growing public awareness about the major challenges faced by the rubbish collection teams across the country, the gap still exists. One of the best solutions for this, some experts suggest, is to let the public pay for rubbish removal services. So this would mean the more waste you throw away, the more it is eventually going to cost you.

As of now, most families are already paying for their waste collection through their council tax provision. This is possibly because most residents don’t really appreciate the value or the costs involved in public waste management. What if residents had to pay out of their own pockets to dispose of rubbish, and that too on a regular basis? It’s obvious more and more people would make an effort to reduce the amount of waste they throw away.

Converting rubbish into a source of energy

Did you know Sweden has reached a point of as high as 99% of their waste is either recycled or converted into energy? They are producing energy for powering up their homes and businesses. In fact, their waste management systems are so optimised that they even import disposable waste from other countries in order to meet their green energy goals.

Can’t we do the same in the UK? Of course, we can! Therefore, experts are suggesting that we follow a similar approach in the UK. Sooner than later, this is going to be a part of our reality.

A revolution in the way we package things

Plastic packaging is being slowly banned across the country and people are gradually turning to other forms of packaging. It is hoped that this move would drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in the UK, which is typically sent to landfills.

We are hopeful that our recycling numbers will go up in the future and plastic recycling will increase too. The government has put plans in place to ban all types of single-use plastic, which will have a huge impact on waste management in the country.

Efficient use of organic waste

Did you know organic waste, such as food, accounts for a number of waste disposal problems and is also one of the most common types of rubbish in the UK? Fortunately, we can put this type of waste to good use. You can use organic waste as compost in your backyard or garden. Having said this, new research is emerging which claims we can convert this type of waste into energy.

Some experts have predicted that organic waste will be used as fuel for automobiles and airplanes. This will not only reduce the amount of waste that we send into landfills but also create a new source of clean fuel, which is something we really need in order to combat all of the carbon emission issues we are facing right now.

Automated waste removal

Waste management experts believe that more and more rubbish will get disposed of with the help of automated waste removal solutions. Terms like “robotic rubbish removal” have been coined in this regard. Apart from this, it is also hoped that significant improvements in technology and the use of big data will ensure that companies produce only what is needed, to help reduce the waste disposal in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Even though it seems like we are struggling to improve our recycling stats, there is a lot happening in the country to help reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away, incinerate or put into landfills. However, we are certainly moving in the right direction.

Isn’t it great that now you can do house clearance in London with the tap of a button? Of course, it is! For more news and insights, don’t forget to check this space for future updates!




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