Herbs That Can Help You Attain a Healthy Lifestyle


People all over the globe are trying to live their best lives and maintain peak physical health along with mental health but sometimes, against their best tries, there is something that stops them from achieving this goal. It could be a physical thing, a mental thing or a combination of both. This doesn’t mean that the drive to live their healthy lifestyle is gone; it simply means that sometimes there is something else needed to kick start the body and/or the mind into gear.

Want to know how to kick start a healthy lifestyle without using medications from a doctor? By using herbs and spices that have been proven through trial and error to help person’s body grow strong and pain free. These herbs can also help break down mental barriers and ease anxiety, stress and negative thoughts by soothing the mind.

Interested yet into what herbs may be the ones to help you? Want to know how to cultivate and grow your own herbs for the organic touch? Then you are definitely going to want to keep reading.

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Top Picks for Herbs

  • Ginger: ginger can be found in numerous recipes because of its slightly sweet and slightly peppery taste but it also contains properties that naturally fight against minor pain, nausea and motion sickness. You can actually purchase ginger tablets at your pharmacy to use for traveling if you suffer from motion sickness.
  • Mint: mint can be found in numerous forms – peppermint, spearmint, and more. This herb relieves pain, aches, headaches, and fatigue and stomach issues while promoting weight loss through digestive aid.
  • Turmeric: this bright orange herb offers a spicy taste to most recipes and can most commonly be found in Middle Eastern or Indian fare. It is one of the top herbs for attaining a healthy lifestyle as it has more than one medicinal property:

o   Studies have shown a reduction in heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions in those who use turmeric on a daily basis.

o   Improves stomach issues by aiding the body in the digestion of fats and reducing bloating.

o   Can prevent the aches and pains felt by arthritis sufferers.

o   Can help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

  • Garlic: while easily one of the stinky herbs but one of the tastiest in terms of cooking; garlic can boost the immune system, fighting off the common cold and viruses easier than some over the counter medication.

o   Has been proven to fight against heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases by reducing blood pressure and lowering blood cholesterol.

  • Cinnamon: everyone loves the smell of cinnamon and most enjoy the taste but it also helps the body stabilize blood sugar, reducing fat gain and cholesterol.
  • Chamomile: want to ease your anxiety and stop your racing thoughts in their tracks? Then you want to incorporate chamomile into your nighttime routine. A cup of chamomile has a calming effect on the body and mind; allowing for anxiety to melt away.
  • Catnip: not just for your feline friends anymore; this herb has shown properties that reduce tension in the body and reduces anxiety of the mind.

Herb Window Boxes

You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own organic herbs but rather, a windowsill or other area that is exposed to the natural sunlight for the majority of the day. These small windowsill gardens are perfect for growing herbs from seeds and will ensure that you never grow too many at one time, which prevents spoilage.

You can purchase window box garden starter kits at your local nursey or even your local home hardware store that has a gardening section. These kits contain the container needed to grow the herbs, the specialty trays that allow for water drainage as needed, the soil to start the herbs and in some cases; the lights needed to provide the exact amount of light your garden needs to see results. Keep in mind that starter grow kits that contain lights will be more expensive and can cause an increase on your monthly utility bill.

Always follow the instructions listed for each herb that you chose to grow and when in doubt, visit the web for gardening forums and blogs. Check out some starter tips here. You can also speak to your local nursery for tips and tricks to make your herb garden bloom and start using these delicious kick-starters for your healthy lifestyle! One thing to always remember is to fertilize your garden, as this is where the plants will gain essential nutrients and minerals to grow strong, tasteful and plentiful. Check out the best fertilizer for the garden to start learning about the right ones!


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