5 Styling Mistakes Your Hair Is Begging You to Stop Doing

5 Styling Mistakes Your Hair Is Begging You to Stop Doing sad hair

Let’s face it, ladies. A big part of our morning routine revolves around our hair. Wet hair, dry hair, curly hair or straight hair, every woman has her own cross (bun) to bear when it comes to styling her tresses. With as much effort and care as you’re putting into those luscious locks, don’t you want them to pull their own weight to achieve that WOW factor you’ve been striving for?

We think so. That’s why we want you to know that when it comes to styling your hair, you’ve been practicing some seriously bad habits that have been holding back those tresses from reaching their ultimate potential. Read on for our list of the five styling mistakes your hair is begging you to stop doing.

  1. Using the Wrong Hair Band

Okay, we know you’ve been using hairbands for about as long as you’ve had hair. And that you use one so frequently that slipping that tight little band onto your wrist in the morning isn’t even something you think about anymore. We also know that no matter what we say there’s no way you’re going to give up using a hair band completely. But what about changing the type of hair band you use?

All hair ties have the potential to cause breakage on your tresses, but some can definitely expedite the process. The number-one offender? Rubber bands. Even though they may look like they can do the job when it comes to getting your hair out of your face, we promise they will only bring breaks—and pain—instead. Rubber bands tighten your hair too aggressively, causing breakage. Plus, your hair will most definitely get tangled up in the sticky rubber and will no doubt be a nightmare to remove without actually pulling hair from your head (it’s just not possible).

Hair ties with metal clasps can also cause similar damage to your hair, especially when that rusty metal part gets stuck in your hair and you pull out a clump of tresses with it. Make things easier on your head and switch to loose and smooth fabric hair ties or coil hair ties instead. Have fun playing with barrettes in front of the mirror to find a cute, sassy look you love. Scrunchies are another great option for keeping your hair healthy and break-free when you have to tie it up.

  1. Tying Your Hair Up Wet

While we’re on the topic of hair ties, let’s talk about putting your hair up when it’s wet. We’ve all done it, partly because it seems to help tame the frizz or prevent bed head at night, right? Wrong. Hair is heavier when it’s wet, which means when you tie up wet hair you’re putting more stress on your strands than they deserve. Plus, damp hair stretches and can be frail, making it more brittle. Let your locks dry before putting them up—but, if waiting is out of the question, as in you already hit snooze three times this morning, then rock a stylish hair scarf that won’t tangle your hair.

  1. Wearing Your Hair Up the Same Way Every Day

If you wear your hair up the same way every day, you could be weakening the same hair shafts in the same spots on your head. In other words, setting yourself up for thinning hair (or bald spots) on that part of your head. To avoid this ominous fate, change up your style on the regular.

If you wear a tight, high bun most days, try adding a low, loose chignon into your style rotation. Opt for a loose braid on occasion over a ponytail. If all of that hair scheduling is too much to handle, you could go the simple route and wear your hair down as much as possible. Hey, with a little product and the occasional deep conditioning treatment, anything is possible.

  1. Brushing the Wrong Way

We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but if you’ve been brushing your hair from top to bottom, then you’ve actually been doing it wrong. Starting at the ends of your hair and gently brushing up to the roots is the right way to brush. It may take a little longer, but we promise you’ll like the results—and find it way more relaxing than yanking your brush down through a nest of snarls.

Of course, having the right brush is almost just as important as how you do it. A detangling brush that works on both wet and dry hair—because how should you know when those tresses will need taming?—is your best bet when it comes to keeping your hair healthy, happy and shiny. Whatever you do, make sure your brush is right for your particular type of hair before you trust it with your locks.

  1. Over Styling

In other words, don’t use too much product and/or heat. We know good hair takes work and, sometimes, that work involves lots of arm muscles, some sweating under hot air, and the delicate balance between too much gel and not enough. Before you load the product into your hair, stop and think about what it actually needs.

If your luscious locks are falling flat lately and looking greasy at the root, chances are you’re applying too much product and weighing it down. If your hair feels dehydrated and your ends seem dry and brittle, then blow-drying or curling your hair every day could be at the root of the problem. Even though you could style your hair in your sleep—and probably have on really early mornings—taking the time to focus on what you’re doing and taking care not to over style could make the all the difference.

Show Your Locks Some Love

We love your hair almost as much as you do and want it to be at its healthiest all of the time. When in doubt about how to treat your locks, it’s best to consult a hair care professional to get your tresses back to their natural glimmering state. Because, when you have hair as nice as yours, you should do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Wouldn’t you agree?


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