Finding Your Maternity Style

Finding Your Maternity Style

Pregnancy can be hard on us in many ways. Sharing our bodies with a new life means that we have to provide support and nourishment for our babies until they are born. It can be hard going from our bodies being our own, to sharing ourselves in an entirely new way. You may have spent years building up your confidence and overcoming body confidence issues, and you may have only recently found your style. Yet here is a new life inside you that threatens to take away that confidence potentially. 

Maternity clothes might feel dowdy or unflattering to you, and you may be worried about losing your sense of style, which may be an important part of who you are. There are, however, many flattering and stylish items of maternity clothing out there, as well as garments for after your baby is born as your body adapts to postpartum life. 

Accentuate Your Curves

Firstly, don’t hide your baby bump. Being pregnant is a beautiful experience; it is a natural process and something to be proud of. Pick clothes that highlight your bump. It might be tempting to wear a dress that is a couple of sizes up from anything that you would typically wear or to wear loose clothing; however, this might not be the most flattering look. Instead, look at clothing that is specifically designed as maternity wear.

Wearing stripes is an excellent way of accentuating your bump in a flattering way. 

Layer Up

Layering up is a great way to stay comfortable when you are pregnant. Your body is working flat out during pregnancy, you are carrying another life with you all day, and there will be times when your body feels the extremes of temperatures. Using layers will mean that you can free yourself up if you get too warm.  

Try to go for natural, breathable fabrics and avoid synthetics. This will help you stay as fresh as possible and will also minimize skin irritation. 

During Breastfeeding

What about after the baby is born? You’ll need to consider that your body will take some time to readjust following your pregnancy, while at the same time consider that you will be nursing your newborn.

Breastfeeding can be tricky. Your baby will want food often, and you can’t always be at home, you need to live your best life while giving your baby what they need. A regular bra can be a nightmare to have to unfasten at feeding time. Nursing bras needn’t be unflattering or uncomfortable, take a look at the options at for some inspiration. Getting the right bra for you will not only help reduce the stress of breastfeeding in public, but it will also ensure that you feel good about yourself. 

However, you choose to dress when you are pregnant, be proud. Being pregnant is not a time for feeling bad about how you look. You are doing a fantastic thing by bringing new life into the world.


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