5 Jewelry Faux Pas You Need To Stop Believing

5 Jewelry Faux Pas You Need To Stop Believing


Great jewelry is the key to finding your best look.

  Every woman can appreciate the influence that jewelry can bring to their look. Sadly, millions fail to ever unlock their true potential. In the majority of cases, simple misconceptions are to blame. Therefore, ridding yourself of those jewelry mistakes should be top of the agenda. 

  Here are five of the most common pitfalls that people fall into. Avoid them at all costs, and you will have a far better chance of looking and feeling your best.  

 Bigger Is Better 

  Size matters. However, that should not be confused with the idea that bigger is better. Earrings, for example, are available in many shapes and sizes. While you may wish to opt for the big and eye-catching designs on a night out at the club, there are many situations in which subtle looks are better. Moreover, you need to take your personality and natural appearances into account when choosing jewelry. A huge and chunky watch might not suit if you are a petite 4’11” woman with a shy character. The key is to find what’s right for you.   

Great Jewelry Takes Care Of Itself 

  Most women find that they have an eclectic mix of jewelry. This ranges from luxury goods for a special occasion to cheap and cheerful items for daily use, music festivals, etc. The expensive and stylish items are often made of stronger materials. Still, you’d be very foolish to think that they don’t require attention. This guide to proper jewelry care will put you on the right track. In turn, it should protect the goods so that they continue to sparkle for many years to come. This makes them far more valuable to your life.   

  Jewelry Should Be Bought In Store 

  When buying jewelry, you may have several concerns relating to authenticity and suitability. This is especially true when buying products online. While you probably want to steer clear of eBay unless it’s a cheap item, you can find some premium goods at affordable prices via reputable dealers. Many of them, like HR Lawrence, are brick and mortar stores that boast a website too. Online shopping has evolved and you can now see photos and videos to gain insight before you buy. Besides, most reputable online dealers offer very fair returns policies.   

  Jewelry Grabs All The Spotlight 

  Wearing attractive jewelry will grab attention, but it’s not the only thing that people will notice. If you’re wearing a ring, people will see your hands. Likewise, a toe ring will draw attention to the feet as a whole. Therefore, for the best results, you’ll want to have a pedicure or manicure. Similarly, it’s important to avoid major tan lines on any body part that grabs the attention. Jewelry should be there to enhance and accentuate your look. As such, ensuring that it can be integrated with those elements is vital. 

Plastic Is Fine 

Plastic jewelry usually forms our introduction to wearing jewelry during childhood. Childhood is where it should stay. There’s nothing wrong with cheap jewelry, but plastic and paper jewelry look a bit tacky and juvenile. The few exceptions are around the home to keep your child happy or as part of a fancy dress outfit. Outside of those situations, though, you should stick to the materials more commonly associated with jewelry or adults. Or if all else fails, it’s absolutely fine to not wear jewelry around the home or office.  


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