How to Transform Your Apartment Lighting from Drab to Delightful

How to Transform Your Apartment Lighting from Drab to Delightful

Apartment living can be challenging, especially if your landlord won’t allow you to make many changes to the style of your space.

Fortunately, apartment lighting is something you can change that will transform your space from drab to delightful.

Check out these awesome ideas that are sure to inspire you to make the most out of your lighting situation.

Have Some Fun with Lampshades

If you use a plethora of table lamps throughout your apartment, you can dress them up with fun lampshades. Mix and match your shades for a totally eclectic look, or you can choose several of the same styles for uniformity.

Pick out lampshade made of fun fabrics that come in unique colors and designs. Embroidered shades look awesome when they’re made using bold patterns and vibrant hues.

If you prefer a minimalist look, try an oval-shaped linen shade or a drum-style shade. Just changing out your lampshades can really transform the aesthetic in your space.

Utilize Floor Lamps

If your landlord isn’t too keen on changing out fixtures, don’t despair. Floor lamps are a great way to bring more light into the room without having to deal with wiring.

You can add a floor lamp next to your favorite chair to create a cozy reading nook. Place several throughout your apartment so you’ll always have access to a little extra light whenever you need it.

Floor lamps offer a wonderful way to work with small spaces since they typically have a compact footprint. You can easily move them around, too, making them a really versatile lighting choice.

Short on Space? Try a Sconce

Depending on the size of your apartment, you might not have much floor space to spare. In this case, you can install wall sconces to bring a little extra light into the room.

Install one sconce on either side of your bed for some really convenient apartment lighting. This is super helpful if you don’t have much room for a nightstand, but you still want to read your favorite book before heading to bed.

Sconces also look fabulous in a hallway, foyer, or smaller powder room. Choose from a variety of styles including industrial, modern, or traditional to suit the overall aura of your abode.

New Fixtures Spruce up Apartment Lighting

A bold, unique light fixture can instantly transform the appearance of your home. Install a sputnik light over your dining room table to give the place a touch of mid-century modern appeal.

If glam is more your thing, try a blinged-out chandelier in the living room or over your bed. If your apartment tends to get stuffy, consider installing a ceiling fan and light combination for better airflow.

Keep your old light fixture and store it away for when you move. You’ll likely want to take your beautiful new ceiling fixture down and bring it with you to your new place whenever you decide to relocate.

Task Lighting Makes Life Easier

Unless your apartment is huge, your workspaces such as the kitchen and that spare bedroom you turned into an office are likely limited on space. You can remedy this situation by adding task lighting.

Task lighting allows you to get the light you need, whenever you need it. It’s especially helpful in kitchen areas where you likely want additional lighting to read recipes and prep your meals.

Try a task light with an extendable arm so you can adjust it out as needed, then back again flush to the wall. Look for lights that include various settings so you can get the desired amount of brightness you prefer, too.

Highlight Artwork with Lighting

If you have a treasured work of art you want to show off, art lighting is a great way to put the focus on your favorite paintings. This lighting is lightweight, easy to use, and it will make your art the focal point of the room.

Picture lighting usually attaches directly to the back of your art, and then it can be powered by batteries so there’s no need to run wires or make a mess. This lighting is great for creating a gallery feel in the space.

Halogen lights are another excellent alternative to picture lights, and they allow you to direct the light right onto the artwork. Not only do these lights lend a high-end look to your apartment, but they’re also pretty affordable and easy to use.

Coordinate Your Furniture with Your Lighting

If you want a cohesive look, remember to try and coordinate the style of furniture you have with your lighting choices. Match sleek metals with modern pieces to give your apartment a contemporary touch.

Look for awesome chairs from places like Vertigo Interiors that will give your place a slick look and feel. If rustic is more your thing, make sure that the lighting you select works well with your big wooden dining table.

By coordinating the lighting and furniture together, you’ll create a nice “theme” for your apartment. Buying your lighting and furniture at the same retailer can help make this process easier.

Your Apartment Doesn’t Have to Confine Your Style

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your own unique style. Choose apartment lighting that will highlight your space and give you the form and functionality you need.

From slender floor lamps to task lighting and chandeliers, the possibilities are truly endless. Any update to the lighting can instantly turn your place from dull to daring.

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