7 Key Things to Look for When Hiring a Tree Service Company

7 Key Things to Look for When Hiring a Tree Service Company

It’s important to hire the best tree service company for your home. Keep reading for 7 key things to look for when hiring a tree service company.

Americans are slated to spend $24 billion on tree trimming and other related activities by the end of 2019.

Having luscious landscape around the home is an experience many people treasure. However, when the trees overgrow, and heavy branches overhang the house, the charm is lost.

A reliable tree maintenance service can help you restore your home to its former glory. The catch is that you have to know the qualities of an experienced contractor so that you can get reliable service.

Here are some things to look for in a tree service company to ensure you only hire the right people.

  1. Insurance

When you hire a tree service company to work on your premises, you have to consider the possibility of unexpected injuries occurring.

Consequently, the kind of insurance the tree maintenance vendor has become an essential consideration before you sign on the dotted line.

Any service vendor you hire will need to have worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

If, while the job is ongoing a worker gets injured, you need to be sure they can take care of the medical attention and any other related claims. Short of that and you will be liable for that expense.

Similarly, if the service company you hire ends up being involved in an accident while working on your property you need to protect yourself. If not, you may be liable if they don’t have valid insurance.

These certificates should be sent directly to you by the tree maintenance vendor’s insurance provider. Otherwise, they could be fraudulent papers.

Some companies might say that they do not require worker’s compensation if they have five or fewer employees.

Technically, that is acceptable by law, However, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to liability in the event that an accident does happen.

  1. Reputation

Research on any tree maintenance firm you want to hire is necessary if you want to better know who you’ll be dealing with.

Check several online review forums to hear what other past clients had to say. As you read their feedback, you will get a clear sense of the average perception others have of the company.

Alternatively, you can also ask the company for references so that you can hear from past clients about their experience with the firm.

Another way to assess the reputation is to check the relationships the company has with its industry peers.

A reputable tree maintenance business should be a member of some trade associations. Some of these associations include the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.

  1. Avoid Door-to-Door Contractors

You must avoid any door-to-door contractors at all costs, especially for big projects such as if you want to remove a tree.

These kinds of contractors in many cases happen to be con artists moving from town to town.

While it may be tempting to decide to go on a case by case basis, it is quite time-consuming. Instead of working to vet who is a con and who isn’t, avoid exposing yourself to their wiles all together.

  1. Only Pay After a Satisfactory Job

Have you ever attempted to hire a local tree maintenance contractor and then asked to pay before the job was fully done? Run for the hills any time you encounter such a scenario.

Chances are high that if you pay before the completion of the job, they might not want to come back and finish it.

While it might be harder for you to pay before the job starts, it is easier to get duped when the job is past halfway.

Stump removal is one instance where this tends to happen a lot. A contractor will remove the tree then ask for payment promising to return and remove the stump later. Once you pay up, they might not return.

Only pay once the entire job has been completed and you are fully satisfied with the results to avoid losing your money.

  1. Multiple Estimates

Once you identify a contractor you like, compare them to others in the field to help you make the best choice.

Ask the company you like to send you a free estimate. Then compare that to a few other similar companies. It is essential that you don’t compare the estimate and scope of work brief to firms not in the same operational class

Make it a point to meet a representative of each company to assess their expertise and professionalism.

It is one thing to make a decision remotely but another to take a closer look in person.

  1. Pricing

The pricing of a tree maintenance contractor can give you insight into their operation.

Don’t go looking for the cheapest offer. Many times, you’ll get what you pay for.

If the company charges a price that is unreasonably low then it could be due to inexperience. You do not want a team that might not fully understand the job at hand to come into your home for a serious project.

Extremely cheap pricing can also be due to a lack of proper certification and licensing.

On the other hand, a high price does not guarantee excellent results.

  1. Equipment

Before locking yourself into an agreement with a tree maintenance contractor, take some time to look at the equipment they have.

Can it do the job you require them to do? Find out if they plan to bring additional equipment (or have the capacity to do so) should it become necessary for your task.

You will find that reputable services such as this company have state of the art equipment to ensure that every job is done right.

Hire a Tree Service That Won’t Disappoint You

Tree maintenance is a regular service that many American homeowners require from time to time. To get the best service, however, you need to thoughtfully pick a tree service with the right qualifications and experience.

Your home is your safe space, and it deserves the utmost care to bloom. Speak to a tree trimming professional to know how to tend your landscape so that it can bless you with its beauty.


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