How to create the perfect multifunctional office/guest room

How to create the perfect multifunctional office/guest room

Plenty of contemporary homes are relatively compact and lack the square footage needed to make our interior design dreams a reality. Unfortunately, this makes it tricky for many people to create the home office they would like. This is where the increasingly popular multifunctional room becomes a saviour for modern families, providing a space to be productive as well host stay-over friends and family. We’re here to help you create the perfect multi-use office/guest room, with easy to follow steps that can be accomplished without being an interior design expert.

  • Get organised

First on your list of things to do is to get organised – and do it properly! Set aside some time to clear out the spare room, sorting your belongings into three categories to help you: office, guest room and miscellaneous. Dispose of any rubbish and donate unneeded items to charity, then move anything that belongs in the miscellaneous category out of the room, as it will have to find a home elsewhere or be let go. Now, sort through your two remaining piles of belongings and determine what extras you need to buy to create the desired space. Do you need a desk? A small filing cabinet? A day bed? Write a list.

  • Identify your needs

Think carefully about how you will be using the room before you start buying furniture. If you know you’ll be using your office space everyday and require a spacious area for your work, you’ll need to accommodate these needs by choosing more compact guest room furniture. If you will only use the office on occasion but have frequent guests to stay, there’s more reason to allow for a full sized bed.

  • Provide storage space

Your office/guest room will need to have some storage space, both for your work or study equipment and for your guests. A compact shelving unit will provide an area for you to display office supplies or ornaments, which can be temporarily cleared away when you have guests staying to make room for their clothing, toiletries and other items. You could also invest in some drawers or a cabinet to store paperwork or electronic equipment, which can double up as a bedside table when you are hosting guests.

  • Choose space-efficient furniture

Your guests are staying over for at most a few nights, so they definitely don’t need a king size bed. All you need to create a cosy, welcoming guest room is a small daybed or sofa bed, which will also serve as a comfortable seat for when you’re reading or relaxing. Similarly, you probably don’t have room for the most extravagant executive desk you can find, so opt instead for mid-century modern style vintage desks that have been designed with space-efficiency in mind.

  • Add personality

Just because your new home office is space-saving and purpose-built, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Showcase your individual style and personality through well-chosen artwork, accessories and soft furnishings to make the room inviting and unique. If you love bright colours, don’t be afraid to use these, and if you’re a huge fan of film or music, mobile homes for sale. why not bring your passions into the design through framed posters, record covers or other memorabilia?

  • Allow some extras

Your home office/guest room combo should be a room in which you actually want to spend time, so it’s okay to add some fun elements. Invest in a small yet high quality Bluetooth speaker if you like to listen to music while you work; add a comfy accent chair for both you and your guests to relax in; or get yourself a wall-mounted television for your friends and family to enjoy. You can also add a brochure holder  to organize brochures and magazines just in case your guests prefers to read or browse through some pages.

  • Commit to keeping it tidy

Finally, to ensure your new office/guest room remains functional and welcoming, make sure to keep it clean and tidy! When cleaning the rest of your house, take the time to dust and de-clutter this room too, even if you don’t use it as much as other areas in your home.


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