6 Ways to Prep for Summer Ecommerce Sales

6 Ways to Prep for Summer Ecommerce Sales

The summer season means big things for ecommerce sellers. Kids are out of school. Adults are going on vacations. And, consumers as a whole are looking to spend on things more frivolous and fun. Here are six ways to prep for summer ecommerce sales to ensure you get the most out of the season.

Anticipate Increased Demand

If your ecommerce website specializes in margarita machines and lemonade pitchers, the dog days of summer might be your version of Christmas.

Conversely, if your store sells down jackets and skiwear, you’ll need to pare down operations until the weather cools. But don’t give up hope. There are still ways to make sales during the summer slump. Pre season sales with huge discounts will attract the attention of bargain hunters. It’s a great way to move leftover merchandise from last winter.

Planning Ahead for Sales & Promotions

One of the keys to successful planning is keeping a calendar. Yes, you may know what kinds of sales you want to employ. But it’s always best to be strategic about timing.

For example, you could institute a summer solstice sale on the weekend of June 21st; or a “last chance for summer clearance sale” in late August.

This technique may also help you identify other dates for potential sales or promos. Flag Day, for instance, may spark an idea for five percent off of American-made goods. Similarly, it’s wise to send out marketing email ahead  of Father’s Day, full of gift ideas and coupon codes.

Introduce New Product Lines

Warmer days means more time outside and consumers will be making purchases to make enjoying the outdoors more comfortable.

So, if your store focuses on jean jackets, it might be time to expand your product line to jean shorts or vests.

Does your e-store specialize in home goods? Consider expanding your offerings to include outdoor comforts. Surely, there is no better time of year to sell your patio furniture online that during the summer season.

The core of the strategy lies in a delicate balance between retaining your brand identity and broadening your product line to accommodate summer shoppers.

Get Customer Excited via Social Media

Is there any better place to animate shoppers than social media?

Brainstorm various ways to energize your customer base. Ideas include hosting a contest in which followers post comments about their favorite summer activities in exchange for a chance to win prize or asking your fans to design T-shirt logos for other followers to vote on. The winner gets a free T-shirt and their shirt featured on your site.

There are a plethora of possibilities here.

Invest More into Marketing & Advertising

Perhaps you have a little room in the budget to hire a brand advocate to share positive reviews about your product. Or maybe you’ve wanted to try your hand at programmatic advertising for the first time; and found an agency willing to test a program for three months.

Update Your Site’s Look & Feel for Summer

Since it’s a new season, you might consider revamping your site to reflect warm weather and associated activities. If you use a templated ecommerce platform, you can update your website design without a lot of leg work.

Ideas might include adding more vibrant colors to the site, matching your theme to holidays like 4th of July, or simply cutting excessive or unnecessary categories from your menu bar. Look at your site with fresh eyes to see what is working and what can be improved.

Implementing these tips, you can prep for summer ecommerce sales with a smile on your face.


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