Traditional Feature Pieces to Give Your Home a Touch of Class!

Traditional Feature Pieces to Give Your Home a Touch of Class!

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Minimalism and modernism have really taken center stage recently when it comes to interior design. But what if you’re looking for something a little different and with a little more substance? Well, you might like to hark back to the best of interior design from times gone by to add a little class to your living spaces. Here are just a few different ideas to get you started off in the right direction!


Chandeliers are perhaps the most coveted form of lighting out there. They just exude elegance. This design is originally French and has really taken center stage when it comes to lighting settings of importance. They’re associated with royalty and the upper classes and for good reason – they’re big and they draw the eye automatically. If you do opt for a chandelier, make sure to have it fitted professionally. Dropping it could cause expensive damage, but it’s also important to bear in mind that they can be heavy, so need to be fitted safely to avoid injury. Once they’re up, they’ll be sparkling and a true center piece of any room.

A Claw Foot Bath

The majority of us have standard bathtubs that are attached to the wall at one side. But if you look back in time a little, you’ll see that stand alone bathtubs proved extremely popular. Perhaps the most desirable of stand alone baths is a clawfoot bath. This style got its name from its signature feet that hold the tub above the floor. Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtubs are real investment pieces, as they’ll stand the test of time!

A Spiral Staircase

If you’re willing to fork out a little more for something truly traditional and something that other homes aren’t all too likely to have, you could have a spiral staircase fitted in your home. Now, this can be a major job or a smaller job. If you have your main staircase switched, you could see yourself with months of major work going ahead. However, if you have an annex to your home, an extension, or some other space, a small spiral staircase should be able to be added quite easily.

Window Seats

If you like reading books or just people watching, window seats could prove perfect for you. They are essentially a kind of enclave in your window space with a cushioned seat to make the space comfortable to sit in. Not only do they create a cosy and enjoyable space to spend time within, but they also look great. Having one installed shouldn’t take too much work and the results will be more than worth it!

There really are plenty of different trends from the past that are more than worth bringing back to modern interior design. The options above are just a few ideas – there are plenty more out there!


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