What Can You Do After A Road Accident?

What Can You Do After A Road Accident?


Getting into a car accident is something that none of us ever want to experience and it can be a huge shock to the system. Although ever the years we likely think about different scenarios in our minds, when it comes to actually being in that situation it is a very different story. So what would actually happen if you got into a car accident tomorrow? Today we are going to run through what happens after a car accident and the steps you need to take to ensure that you are safe and sound and get the compensation you deserve if the accident is not your fault.


There will of course be the possibility that your car will be totalled after a car accident, however even if the accident is as minor as a quick scrape or bump you need to stop and make sure that you can take information and swap details. If you are in a car accident and you don’t stop, it can reflect badly on you if CCTV footage is found and your car can be identified so make sure that you always stop and be prepared to take details and give your own. Remember, if it isn’t your fault you have nothing to worry about so there is no reason not to stop.

Look for witnesses

The second thing you will want to do when in a car accident is look around the immediate area and ensure that you identify any witnesses who may be able to give evidence later. If you spot a witness ask them to stop, ask them what they saw, and see if you can get their phone number and name for later reference if you take the case to the courts. Witnesses can be a make or break for your case and this will make the world of difference to you.

Check for injuries

The next thing you will want to do when you have been in a car accident is check yourself and others for injuries. It is super important for you to do this because if anyone has a critical injury such as the neck or internal bleeding, you will need to take measures such as staying still and applying pressure until the services arrive to help you. Speaking of services.

Call for help

This is one of the first things you will want to do when you get in a car accident and you will need to think about doing this as soon as possible. The police, fire department and ambulance might be called depending on the severity of the accident and this will take the pressure and danger away from you and everyone else and will allow you to feel safer.

Share details

After a car accident has occurred it is crucial for you to take the time to share your details with the other driver as well as with the police. When sharing details make sure that you get the correct information from the other driver including any contact details and the details of their insurance company. This will make it much easier later on when you come to make a claim because your insurance company or lawyer can converse directly with them and resolve the issue in an efficient manner.

Take photos

It is important when you have been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault that you gather as much evidence as you can to help you claim compensation for any injuries you have sustained. Make sure that as soon as you can, you take a minute to walk around the scene of the accident and take photos of everything that you can. The more photos you get of the scene the better it will be later on because people in the courtroom will be able to piece together what happened and this will make things work in your favour. One of the other things you can do is take a video of the scene and this can actually be even more effective because it will help give a sense of realism to the scene.

Check dashcam footage

If you or the other driver involved in the accident have a dashcam, this is very important because it can provide concrete evidence of what happened. After the accident, check your dashcam and see if you were able to capture any of the accident and this can be used later on by the police and the court.

Get medical treatment

This next point of course is the most important part of the process which is to get medical treatment. Your medical treatment is crucial and it is important to take your doctor’s advice and take as much time as you need to rest and recover after the accident. During the time you are in the hospital, make sure that you request a full list of the treatments and medications you have had to take in order to recover because the cost of this will affect the compensation you are able to claim after the fact.

Hire a lawyer

Now that you are recovering and feeling more like yourself it is time to hire a lawyer. Lawyers are integral for helping victims receive the compensation they deserve and you should take advantage of this if you have been in an accident which you could not control. Hiring a great lawyer is a huge step in the process of getting compensation and there are a lot of factors you need to take into account when choosing one. For example, you could consider meeting with 3-4 different firms face to face to speak to them and see what kind of services they can offer. The trick is to find a lawyer who is friendly and personable from the get go because they will likely be a better fit for your case. You don’t want to go with a lawyer who is cold and calculating because they won’t care about you or your case and this could affect your success.


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