Top 5 Spots To Visit In London When You Are Vacationing With Your Family!

Top 5 Spots To Visit In London When You Are Vacationing With Your Family!

London is that BIG city with the BIG Ben, who gobbled up various cities over the years, to become the London of today. It’s a sprawling city and covers a massive area of 607 square miles, and is home to over eight million individuals, No wonder, it is the vacationing spot for uncountable tourists. London has a lot to offer to the people who visit it, it could be the stark weather, the kind of people you come across, the sumptuous dishes and great drinks that you gulp down, the various sightseeing spots where you can click those Facebook DPs etc., and lot more.

So, once you visit London, we are sure your fondness for the city is going to grow into everlasting love. But, with so many things to do and see, London can become quite an overwhelming place. But, no worries, as we are here! Happy to tell you all about the top, must-visit stops that you need to make during your London stay. If you are taking your family out on a London trip, you surely want to cover all the best places, and make sure your family doesn’t miss out on all the fun. You could visit London during the warmer summer months when daylight rules, or you could even visit during the Christmas holiday season, as each of it has its own charm. But whenever you plan your annual family trip to London, you need to make sure that the travelling part is taken care of. And the best way to do that is to book a private car hire in London. Take Jag offers you all the different facilities and packages as per your budget when it comes to private car hires. They offer sightseeing tours all over London, and you can sit back and enjoy the great sights that come up one after the other, under the able guidance of a well-trained and friendly chauffeur.

  •  Must-visit spots in London that you should head to with your family:

So, once travelling across the city part is sorted, and you have no more stress of travelling in buses, or railways, or tube commutes, checking their schedules and battling the crowds while you plan your itinerary for the trip, half the job is done. You can now prepare your trip in at the pace you want it to be. London is a huge city, and obviously you can’t be covering everything all in one trip, unless it’s a month long one (or will that fall short too?)! So, here are some super favourite, top spots in London that you just can’t miss out on:

o   Westminster Abbey: Needless to say why this had to top the list. This area boasts of the Houses of Parliament along with the worldwide famous Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

o   London Eye: If you have an eye for great tourist destinations, we are sure this is bound to be on your bucket list. You can hop on this giant Ferris wheel a.k.a. London Eye, and enjoy breath-taking views of the city from above.

o   Thames cruise: If you want a unique, lovely way of seeing the city and all its hues, you could go on a cruise trip along the Thames. You could even enjoy an afternoon meal or high tea on the cruise, as you pass by various stunning London spots.

o   Oxford Street: Does any one or more of your family members hold the title of shopaholics? Well, then this is sure to be their heaven. This is not only London’s top shopping destination, but also Europe’s busiest shopping street, and houses over 300 shops. You could even visit the adjoining Bond Street, if you want to hit some high-end boutiques and designer stores.

o   Buckingham palace: Well, what’s a London trip without paying a visit to the magnificent Buckingham Palace, right? Your kids are going to be so amazed when they visit the nineteen grandly decorated State rooms in the palace. All of these rooms are furnished with age-old, royal, treasured pieces — and are definitely sights to behold. And of course, spend some time with the guards, they are real fun too.

So, these are some of the best places to visit when you are touring this city with a wonderful history, culture and natural beauty. This city is filled with different neighbourhoods, boroughs, having different tourist attractions, each of which offers a unique flavour of the city. So, ready to taste them all?


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