The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Retractable Patio Awnings

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Retractable Patio Awnings

A few years back, people barely even knew about the existence of retractable patio awnings in any way. Now, they are gaining more and more popularity by the day thanks to their versatility and flexibility. Their main purpose has always been to provide a substantial amount of shade as well as being a shield against UV Rays. Apart from snow and rain protection, they also prevent paints, furnishings and carpets from fading

All in all, be it the best aluminium awnings in Brisbane or anywhere else, the fact of the matter is that they are a very practical solution, as well as beautiful to look at. However, one needs to be fully clued up about the pros and cons of retractable patio awnings before making a well-informed decision regarding the purchase of one. With that out of the way, let us delve into the benefits of retractable patio awnings:-

  • The fixed awnings are not as flexible as the retractable ones.
  • Not only are they easier to install, but cheaper as well.
  • Retractable awnings have the added advantage of being either manually or electrically operated.
  • The safety aspect around children and pets is higher since retractable awnings do not have any posts or poles supporting them.
  • Unlike fixed awnings, they have a subtle discreet, yet elegant look due to the nature of their construction.
  • Retractable awnings shade a room better, thus reducing the need to use an air conditioner excessively during the summer months.
  • Since the awning is retractable, one even has the option of extending their outdoor living space without incurring any steep costs that usually come with a contractor or an architect.

Here are the main drawbacks of retractable patio awnings:-

  • In the rare occasion of a fierce wind or storm, it could be destroyed if not retracted in time.
  • Many of the newer top-notch models have an electrical sensor that needs constant replacement. If you fail to do a timely replacement, you will have to manually retract the awning which defeats the purpose of getting a retractable one in the first place.
  • The first noticeable aspect of this awning is the fact that there is a weather coating on the fabric/canvas of the retractable awning. In spite of this, it could develop a leak if not maintained well.
  • In many cases, these awnings come with a cheap motor that breaks down repeatedly. Even though it costs a lot more, one should make the additional effort of buying a sturdy quality motor that will last for a considerable amount of time.

Finally, the benefits do tend to overshadow the drawbacks and in the long run, the many drawbacks can be efficiently taken care of without too much of a hassle. Keeping both the pros and cons in mind is just as important as remembering that there are two kinds of retractable patio awnings. They are manual awnings and motorised awnings. In the case of the former, it operates by the use of a simple removable crank that people use to wind up the awning. In most cases, a crank is used, but sometimes, they tend to fold up as well. In the latter’s case, the use of a motor is employed to wind up the awning and comes with a manual override in the case of a malfunction.

Just like the efficiency of aluminium composite panel, even an aluminium awning is something that is highly sought-out by a lot of people out there. Overall, proper maintenance and handy tips such as winding up your awnings in windy weather, as well as occasional repairs whenever needed, are all that one needs to do. The only slight drawback is that whenever damages occur, repairs tend to be rather costly, so do bear that in mind.


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