How to stop cockroaches from infesting your home?

How to stop cockroaches from infesting your home?

Fear cockroaches? Don’t worry as no one likes to see these crawling insects in their home, not just because they look annoying, but they can also be harmful to you and your family’s health. Since they reproduce rapidly, you have to make sure that not even a single one of them hides in your house. Here are some pest control tips for homeowners that can come in handy in For a comprehensive guide on where cockroaches live and travel, check out this post

Seal the hiding places

Kitchen, bathroom, and basement are their favourite shelters as these provide them with food, moisture, and heat. So wherever you see a crack or gap, fill it. Look for openings near drains, water pipes, and electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathroom specifically. Move appliances and cabinets to inspect wall and baseboards for crevices. Also, you need to examine the foundation of the house because sometimes pests can emerge from the tiny holes in the concrete. For this, you may, however, require the help of a professional pest control company.

Clean the countertops

The countertops in your kitchen should be clean all the time when you are not using it. If any crumbs or scraps of food are lying on it, wipe the area. Use disinfectants frequently to make it free from oil and grease.

Store food safely

These insects thrive on food remains and can easily contaminate them also. So, don’t leave your food open. Keep all eatables in airtight jars or containers. If the vessel is damaged, remove it.

Check the grocery bags and backpacks

Sometimes, these small insects can enter your home from outside also by taking shelter in kids’ backpacks or grocery bags. That’s why it’s essential to have a check on school bags regularly. Also, if you visited an unknown grocery store or restaurant, don’t leave the carry bags that you bring from there just like that. Inspect them before you keep them anywhere. Also, don’t leave your purse or bags on the restaurant floor.

Keep your home cool

Warm places are where cockroaches live more, and that’s the reason why you find them in summer time most. To avoid this situation, maintain a soothing indoor temperature.

Declutter your home

Cockroaches find their hiding places beneath the stacks of old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, etc. If food scraps are left there, they will immediately populate the area. So, keep your house free of random objects to ensure these insects don’t invade your home.

Correct the leaking taps and pipes

Leaky pipes and faucets cause dampness, which pests love. Check all the fixtures and areas around pipes to seal the openings.

Cockroaches are health hazards. Its infestation can put your and your family members’ health at risk, by causing allergic reactions, asthma attacks, etc. To make sure you eliminate them from your home to create a safe environment for everyone, you have to kill them. If you see only one or two cockroaches occasionally, insect repellents will do the work. But you would need to consider taking professional help to control their large colony. They can hide in several places in your home, where you can’t even reach. However, they cannot dodge pest controllers. For help, you can get in touch with Powerpestcontrol.


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