How to Give Your Home the Ultimate Makeover

How to Give Your Home the Ultimate Makeover

 There is no better feeling than coming home to your beautiful home. Its curb appeal is spot on. You can be proud of your well-maintained home exterior. You are excited to show it off to family and friends as something you worked hard for and work hard to maintain.

Not everyone feels this though. You may no longer get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you come home. If instead you look at your home and are dragged down by thoughts of all the renovating that needs to be done, here are a few tips for simple fixes for your home’s curb appeal.

1. Siding

Siding makes the biggest difference in freshening up the exterior of a home. A new color splashed over the fading or stained siding takes years off the home’s appearance. A new, modern color makes curb appeal increase significantly. One recommendation is the trend in darker, earthy colored homes with light trim.

If it is time for new siding, be encouraged! New siding means the opportunity to increase the insulation in your home and decrease your utility bill. Not only can you make your home more aesthetically pleasing, but you can also make it more efficient as well.

2. Front Door and Garage Doors

The second makeover idea for your home’s exterior is simply changing doors. Changing the color and design of the doors adds character to your home. Whether it is a bright color door to show off your carefree, fun side or a set of elegant, carved wood doors, these doors open the way to a new look for your home.

You can paint over the old doors if you want to freshen things up. If you want to try something completely new, you can buy new doors made of a different material. Maybe try a door with a large window in it to lighten up the interior of your home.

The options are endless with front doors. You can then choose to leave the makeover with the front door. Or, if you want, you can match or complement the garage doors for an overall complete home look.

3. Roof

The roof is a larger task, but ensuring your roof is maintained is always a must. If it is time to replace your roof, consider trying a new shade of shingles. Or if you are very adventurous, metal roofs have been very fashionable for the past few years and are not going out of style anytime soon.

Redoing the roof is a larger job so ensure you select a trustworthy roofing company. Changing your roof design makes a significant difference in your home exterior makeover. Imagine going from a shingled roof to a gorgeous metal roof. The entire feel of your home’s exterior goes from typical suburb to stylish southern farmhouse. The roof makeover alone completely affects the home’s curb appeal.

4. Gutters

The final idea for an exterior makeover may surprise you. When was the last time you looked at your gutters? What color are they? If it has been a while, they may be stained. That may not stick out to you since you have grown used to it, but to visitors and passersby, it may absolutely be an eyesore.

Thankfully gutters are not limited to being white anymore. They come in a variety of tones and shades, which means replacing gutters may be the perfect final touch to a home’s exterior makeover. There are gutters to compliment the earthy tones to a house or gutters that may stand out more just to add some flair to a home’s curb appeal.

Whether your home needs a simple freshen up or significant work, updating the exterior of your home is the first step to falling in love with it all over again. Follow these 4 tips for a whole new home.


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