What Should You Do if You are Accused of a Violent Crime?

What Should You Do if You are Accused of a Violent Crime?

Being accused of a violent criminal act is instantly a reason for serious worry, especially if you are innocent. Once you have been accused, your innocence is instantly put under question, and unless you are able to prove it with sufficient and acceptable legal proof, it may not even matter. Therefore, if you are accused of a violent crime in Brampton Ontario, here are a few things to consider and steps to take as soon as possible, to save your life from being ruined permanently.

Call Your Lawyer

There are absolutely no two ways about it, the very first thing you need to do is call your Brampton criminal lawyer. As soon as you have been legally accused of violent crime by the police or a third-party, call your lawyer immediately.

Of course, you may not even have a lawyer, let alone a Brampton criminal lawyer if it’s your first suspected criminal involvement, which is quite likely if you are not deserving of the accusations put against you. In case you are in Brampton, Andrew Edgar comes highly recommended as a criminal lawyer Brampton that you can trust.

A good criminal lawyer will guide you every step of the way until your innocence is proven or the circumstances of your criminal act are put forward in a way that keeps you in the most advantageous position possible in court.

When You are Arrested, Cease to Speak Until Your Lawyer Arrives

You have likely seen this on TV and unlike a lot of things shown on TV about criminal activity, this one is actually sound advice!

Do not speak about the case at all, until and unless your criminal lawyer arrives at the Brampton station to speak for you. The detectives may pressure you in more ways than one, but do not crack and end up getting yourself into a situation that no criminal lawyer can help you out of.

The only difference between the TV shows and real life is that unlike in fiction, even innocent people need their criminal lawyers when they are accused of a violent crime, especially in Brampton. Whether you are innocent or not could be subjective, and Canadian law may not agree with your point of view on that.

DO NOT Contact the Accusing Party Under Any Circumstances

Just like at the station, anything you say to the accusing party might lead to complications in your case and will make defending your innocence even harder for your criminal lawyer. Heated arguments are quite common when someone is accused of a violent crime, which could be very bad news for you and your Brampton lawyer.

Even if you are just trying to apologize or trying to calm down the other person, you will end up looking guilty, which will, once again, be used by the prosecutor against you and your criminal lawyer in court. Refrain from contacting the accusing party and speak to your lawyer instead.

The ugly thing about criminal accusations is that they can ruin your reputation, relationships, social status, and even life if you do not take immediate action to fight back against the false allegations. Hopefully, if you are ever unfortunate enough to face unfair allegations with your Brampton criminal lawyer, this could be a guide that will set you on the path leading to redemption of your goodwill.


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