Take home points of home basement waterproofing

Take home points of home basement waterproofing

If your basement suffers from repeated flooding during the monsoon, then nothing can get worse than this. With seepage and water finding a way inside, every homeowner starts to worry about requiring the foundation repair.

Everyone knows water is not a friend to a building. In case of persistent leaks and dampness, you need an expert contractor like the Complete Basement Systems Denver CO. Get your personalized quotation from at least three contractors before you make a choice.

Let us have a look at all the critical take-home points before going for basement waterproofing.

About getting more than one quotation

Before you begin with the basement waterproofing, the primary consideration is always about the investment. Keep in mind that the installation of a complex waterproofing system can prove to be a substantial investment. As long as it is minor repair work, the expenditure will be under $500.

Since the price points will vary according to the contractor and service you hire, it is imperative to get quotations from at least three different services. Make a thorough investigation of your problem areas and a careful review of the service you are negotiating with to understand the pricing protocols better. This is essential to avoid getting swayed by the sales pitches. 

About the waterproofing system

When it comes to basement waterproofing, you must keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all. Since each water seepage problem is unique, the solution should also be precisely cut out for the job.

The water seepage problem you are experiencing can be the result of a crack, movement of the foundation, persistent damage to the basement walls, clogged and damaged sewer lines/footer drains or a combination of these. 

The solution in your case might be the installation of a high output water drainage system along with repair work. So make sure the system is according to your specific situation. This is the only way to ensure a permanent solution for all your basement flooding troubles.

Waterproof primer and paints

Keep in mind that sealing leaking areas with waterproof paints and primers are typically a cosmetic solution with no longevity. According to our experts, some of the permanent solutions for waterproofing your basement are as follows.

  • About crack injections

Crack injections to fill up the leaking areas will cost you below $500. Epoxy or polyurethane materials are used to fill up the cracks, but the solution is limited to the poured on concrete foundations. In case of seepage through walls and foundations made of brick, stone or cinder blocks, crack injections don’t work.

  • Waterproofing through exterior excavation

Exterior excavation waterproofing or positive side waterproofing deals with the source of water and includes digging around 6-8 feet up to the foundation wall footer followed by the installation of a new drainage pipe. The typical cost is under $100 per foot.

  • Waterproofing through interior excavation

Interior excavation or negative waterproofing costs much less than exterior excavation. This is a very popular method where a sump pump and drainage system is installed to pump out water after the basement has flooded. This is essentially a water management/control system.

That concludes our list of all the information you require before waterproofing your basement. Call your expert and get your quotation today.


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