Autonomous racing cars – A new revolution in automobiles

Autonomous racing cars

The advent of self-driving cars was introduced by Google in 2014, and the concept was taken up by several automobile brands. From Tesla to Audi, from Toyota to Nissan, all of them have tried their hands-on driverless cars. Even brands like Roborace emerged because of autonomous racing cars.

To many of us, owning a driverless car can be a distant dream. For all the right reasons, they are the most expensive type of cars in the market right now. But it is also disheartening to not use such advancements or to know how it is to ride in a driverless car. Moreover, if you’re a race fanatic, you’d definitely love brands like Aston Martin, BMW, and Bugatti for their racing cars. To many people fearful of the sport: don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the non-automated racing cars will be packed inside garages with indoor car covers draped over them.

How can you try autonomous racing?

All the racers looking for autonomous cars and not wanting to shed a fortune, now have a great alternative to bank on. You can literally go #AutonomousRacing by taking reimagined cars on lease.

These cars have been designed by LeaseCar UK and the company designs their own versions of racing cars. They have cars that take cues from an Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Nissan, Ferrari, BMW, and Bugatti. They then create their designs and put the cars on rent for common people like you and me.

Imagine yourself driving a car that has similar features of these brands, that too without buying it! The cost of taking the cars on lease start from £94.99 and go up to £309.99 – this is by far one of the best ways to experience autonomous racing.

Why take driverless cars on a lease?

Taking a driverless racing car on lease might seem too good to be true, so you could have doubts. You need to know how this UK company makes this possible and accessible for every racer.

A standard car has several accessories and gadgets that help you control it. These include a dashboard, radio, steering wheel, dials, pedals, and more. But in an autonomous car, everything thing is different – you don’t need to monitor any of these manually.

Racing cars are anyway different from standard cars. Most of them aren’t legal to drive on the road as they don’t have indicators and headlights. The cars let go of many features to maintain low weight and speed. Even the tires are different and change the overall efficiency of these cars.

Autonomous racing is definitely one of the most exciting experiences a racer can have, that too at a really low cost. Taking cars on lease, not only lets you try your hands-on different options but also gets you the service for cheap. You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a driverless car just out of passion.

Most UK roads will not allow you to ride racing cars. Thus, buying a completely new one might not be feasible for you. Taking one of the cars on lease can help you go through the experience yet not spend heaps of money on it.

If you’re worried about the safety standards or features of the car, you need to know more about the company. If a car company can actually pull off the features and looks like some of the best autonomous racing cars brands, they’re definitely going to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

Why you should try driverless cars?

If you’re still in two minds about experiencing what it is to be in a driverless car, know why you should try it once:

Good for the environment

The technology of autonomous cars optimizes the best of its resources. From fuel efficiency to be alert about the roads and cars around, these are more environment-friendly when they work right.

Imagine not having accidents due to drunk drivers or not racing up the speed where you need to tone it down. An autonomous car knows when to move, how to move, and where to move. They are much safer than driving cars yourself unless there are any software issues that need constant checking and approval.

The new age cars have been estimated to reduce car emissions by 60% over the years. It is an indirect way of helping the environment in an overall and stays safe at all times.

Safer streets

Since autonomous cars remove the potential possibilities of human error, there will be fewer possibilities for errors. Streets are safe when there are no drunk and distracted car drivers.

Within the next decade, the streets will have more of driverless cars that take up their own space and don’t get into someone else’s! It is expected to reduce accidents by 90% and keep the streets safe.

Time is money

The average time a commuter spends in a metropolitan city is at least one hour – 30 minutes each way. When you don’t have to drive your car, you will be able to save one hour. It allows you to rest or utilize that time into something constructive. You don’t have to focus on the road and your steering wheel to make sure you’re on the right track.

Tailoring traffic

Every year, people who live in metropolitan cities spend around 7 billion hours in traffic. We waste around 3.1 billion gallons of fuel and lose $160 billion due to congestion on the roads.

The driverless cars help you monitor traffic all the time. They use digital maps and the right software determine how to move faster and use efficient routes. These steps might seem normal standard but they actually help curb traffic congestion and waste less fuel.

Saves spaces

Autonomous cars are the stepping stones of smart cities and their impact will change city infrastructure. Nowadays, parking lots ensure that every car has enough space from each other to make efficient use of the space.

The self-driving cars negate their own space and also keep other cars in mind while parking itself. As per estimations, the driverless car takes up 15% less space than standard cars and saves space in smart cities.

You race without racing

Autonomous racing is next level because you’re actually racing but not steering your way to get through. It is an exclusive experience that can make different cars compete with each other, instead of letting humans do it.

If you love racing cars, you’d definitely want to experience this once in your life. By taking a car on a lease, you make it possible and also save a lot on costs.

Liberating experience

Driving a car in itself is a liberating experience. But finding a car take you to one place from another with the help of software and driverless automation feels very different. Till now, you can only imagine how this might look like, but once you sign up for it, you’ll know the real deal.

Easy to operate

You don’t have to operate driverless cars but just give instructions onto where you want to go. It saves you from an extra task of driving and concentrating. It is more like taking a car ride but it’s just that there is no driver. You only need to make sure that the car is functioning properly to be able to take the right instructions.

Final thoughts

Now that you know all the perks about driverless cars, it is time you indulge in autonomous racing. It is one of the best experiences you can have among all the other technological advancements and their perks.


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