Why Relationships Failed And How To Conquer The Losses

Why Relationships Failed And How To Conquer The Losses

Relationships fail every day, and you will find that most people have no idea how they are going to get over it.  You need to be sure that you have come up with a plan that is going to help you review the way that you handle relationships.  Plus, you will find that most women who do this are going to have a much nicer sex life.  It is going to be very hard for women to have a nice new relationship when they know that they have dealt with their hurts from the past.  Each step in this process can help you make the best choices for your future because you need that to keep your mind right as you go forward.

1.  What Happened?

You need to go over what happened, and you can start reading in places like https://www.rosierees.com/ to learn how to manage your emotions.  You want to make a really honest accounting of what happened because you actually have to consider this instead of just assuming that this happens to everyone.  You need to figure out if you did something wrong, or you need to figure out if your partner was doing something to you.  Both of those things could be true, and that makes it much easier for you, and you will be able to move on and try to figure out how to not do those things in the future. 

2.  How Do You Feel?

Relationships fail when people never talk about their feelings.  You need to be willing to talk about your feelings because that is the only way that you are going to make the right choices for your relationship as you move forward.  Someone who is honest about their feelings can get what they need, and they will find that they can more openly talk to their partner about what their best options are.  The best part of this is that you will be able to go back out and find a partner who will work with you in the future.  When you find someone who talks about their feelings, you will both be much happier.

3.  Are You Aligned?

You need to figure out if you are aligned in your goals with your partner.  The two of you should have goals that seem to line up, and the two of you need to talk about these goals often.  The people who never discuss these goals will start to have a much harder time trying to make plans for the future.  Plus, it becomes very hard for you to think of the future when you think that your partner is not going to be a part of it because they are not as interested as you are.

You can change your life when you think about your old relationships, learned why they failed, and try not to do those things again.  Plus, you can use that information to move on to a better relationship that will be more fulfilling in the future.


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