5 Reasons to Incorporate Neutral Colors in Your Home Decor [Popular Colour Choices]

5 Reasons to Incorporate Neutral Colors in Your Home Decor [Popular Colour Choices]

How To Use Neutral Colors In Interior Design: 2 Examples That Show The Easy, Minimalist Way

Neutral colors always get a bad reputation for being too blah or too safe. People think that bold is better, and of course, we agree that there’s always room for pops of colors. However, there are a lot of reasons to stick with a neutral color scheme for your home’s interior design.

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. As a matter of fact, a neutral backdrop allows you to add some amazing bold elements to your interior design which may otherwise look grim. So, hold onto that can of red paint for a moment and read this first.

What Are Neutral Colors?

Technically, in terms of interior design, neutral is a color without much saturation or intensity— a color that’s lacking in color, which in general, goes with everything. Neutral colors are usually not found in the color wheel, but they have color undertones from the color wheel, so you need to take those tones and tints into account when choosing a neutral— think grays, blacks, whites, creams, ivories, beiges and tans. If you can’t seem to choose the right neutral, you can always ask the experts at Painters Bellville for professional suggestions.

These shades are visually quiet and calming to interior spaces, receding into the background of rooms, even when used on major pieces of furniture or walls. For that reason, neutrals are a great backdrop for pops of bold patterns and colors, simply because they don’t compete with them.

Top Reasons To Stick With Neutral Colors for Your Home Interior

     1. Neutrals Will Always Be Classic

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of neutrals is that they will always be classic and you will most likely not grow tired of them quickly. You can easily incorporate vibrant and/or trendy abstract prints and colors into your décor whenever you feel like it if you choose neutral colors as your foundation.

     2. Neutrals Highlight Texture

Neutrals have the ability to seamlessly and effortlessly highlight texture. Texture is crucial for creating a comfortable, welcoming and warm interior design. Think of cozy area rugs, touchable cushions, and soft pillows. All these elements can be combined easily to create a really friendly space.

5 Reasons to Incorporate Neutral Colors in Your Home Decor [Popular Colour Choices]


     3. Neutrals Showcase Your Personal Style

Although this concept goes against the mindset of some people, this is the truth. When neutral shades are used as your primary backdrop for your home’s interior, your personal style will be able to shine. It comes to the forefront and all pieces, details, and accents that communicate your style are in the spotlight. This will become harder to accomplish when your style is competing with bold, statement colors.

     4. Neutrals Are Highly Versatile

Neutral hues are appropriate and effective in virtually any style or space. And it doesn’t matter if you want a farmhouse, contemporary, eclectic, traditional, or Old World style home— neutral colors will ensure a great design.

In addition, neutrals can actually change the feeling of your styled space with light grey and white walls creating a spacious and clean feeling and darker grey and taupe walls offering an instant feeling of warmth and coziness.

     5. Neutrals Show Off Furniture

A statement furniture piece is the pride of anyone who loves to decorate and it makes sense that you would want to show it off. Well, neutrals, especially on large-scale spaces like walls, offer the perfect “invincible” backdrop against furniture with bold curves and lines. This is particularly true in modern and contemporary interior design, where clean lines of furniture are the key to the overall style.

6 Popular Neutral Colors To Choose From

5 Reasons to Incorporate Neutral Colors in Your Home Decor [Popular Colour Choices]


     1. Hazy Gray

This neutral knows how to blend and is a highly versatile shade which can create a modern theme, conjure up a relaxing essence or a bit of romantic vibe with just a touch of paint on the wall.

     2. Taupe

The perfect mixture of classic neutral hues, brown and gray, taupe is soft, subtle and truly makes an excellent foundation for any room.

     3. Chocolate

Creamy and smooth just like your favorite candy bar, chocolate offers a cozy and warm feeling that envelops a room.

     4. Crisp White

If you wish for a sleek and refreshing look, crisp white is exactly the shade you want. Or you can try out chic whites which are great in complementing and accenting dark spaces.

     5. Beige

This tone has the traditional lightness and appeal which makes it a great choice for family homes. Beige is a solid foundation to build on and quite easy to mix and style with.

    6. Oak

This tone doesn’t quite reach the level of boldness of silky chocolate hues but it’s not as light as beige either. Instead, oak fits in the zone as a classic and simple brown which knows how to create a homey feel.


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