Proper Akubra Hat Care

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Like many other nice items of clothing, like high quality leather boots and raw denim jeans, it pays to take care of an Akubra – these hats are an investment, after all. Unlike these other items of clothing, many people new to the world of Akubras don’t actually understand proper hat care and without this knowledge it may be possible that their hat might deteriorate a lot quicker than expected. To prevent such a sad occurrence, in this article we take a look at a few simple Akubra care tips to help ensure you get the most out of your new (or even old) hat.

Heat and water are not your friends

Whether you have an Akubra Avalon or Banjo Patterson, applying the same basic approach to your Akubra is important to ensure it stands the test of time. Perhaps the most basic place to start is by never leaving your car in direct sunlight for an extended period of time (such as a situation where you might leave it in a car). This can cause the hat to shrink or become strangely shaped in a variety of ways, and it can often be hard to return it to its original shape. When it comes to water-resistance, Akubra hats include a waterproofing solution but it but this solution tends to deteriorate after a while. Even still, you should not expect your head to get wet even as it absorbs water. In circumstances where it does become wet, it’s very important that you ensure that you don’t force dry your Akubra, as doing so may cause the leather band on the hat’s interior to shrink (and thee can be quite hard to stretch back to size).

More things you should be aware of

In terms of daily wear, it’s important that you don’t just chuck your hat wherever you feel after wearing it out. If you don’t have a peg or hatstand to hang it on, it’s generally recommended that you rest the hat upside down on the crown, as resting it on the brim can cause the hat to shift proportionally. In these instances, you can place it on a table, shelf or in a cupboard. Do not rest it on the brim as this can sometimes pull the whole hat out of proportion. Keeping your Akubra in the best shape possible should be your priority, so remembering to brush it in an anti-clockwise direction with a soft brush every now and then over steam can help a great deal. It’s also important to not squeeze the brim of your hat when putting it on as this can cause a noticeable dent over time. The same goes for constantly adjusting it when it’s on your head.

How to fit the hat

If you’re unsure what size you need to get, fitting an Akubra properly typically involves you brushing hair away from your forehead and placing the hat on front-side first. A well-fitting hat should maintain a firm fit, but shouldn’t be too tight – this is to ensure that it will stay on your head in the event a gust of wind decides to fly by. If you find that you’re sitting in the middle when it comes to size, it’s best to go a size up, rather than down as in the case of the larger hat you can use a hat liner.


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