How To Make Your Luxurious Space Child-friendly

Luxurious Space Child-friendly

Your home reflects your personal taste and style which you carefully furnish and decorate taking care of the likes of every family member. But the biggest effect that someone has on your home decor is a child.

In fact, you don’t even necessarily need to have children of your own to make your space child-friendly. Frequent visits from a few young nieces and nephews can also call for some changes in your living room.

For starters, baby-proofing the house is a must. However, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetic to pave way for practicality. With a few simple considerations, you can have a space that is luxurious and child-friendly at the same time.

Play with colour

While nobody loves a dull space, adding colour to your decor is a win-win when you have a child at home. Many studies point that exposure to a variety of colours, especially during the first few years of life, affects one’s learning and behavioral abilities.

You don’t have to replace your furniture though, you can choose to add a complementary colour to go with your existing sofas. You can also play with contrast and add a brightly coloured armchair, say purple or red, to a monochrome theme.

Take this opportunity to branch out and have an edgier decor for your space. So go around and explore a few furniture shops in Adelaide, and you might find exactly what you are looking for.

Put it above their reach

Children are curious beings and love to explore and touch everything they see. Thus, it is recommended that you choose furniture like bookshelves with panels that are above the reach of children. In other words, even if they stand on their toes and stretch out their hands, they shouldn’t be able to reach it.

And since children grow up quickly, it’s best to keep the height of the panels at least a couple of inches higher than required.

Plan the placement

If you cannot say goodbye to your favorite cabinet, it is still possible to display your ornate crystal vase in the living room- just keep them out of reach. Place the crystals, antique pieces and other precious pieces on the top shelf.

And not only the antiques, if you boast of a library at your place then you should arrange the books by thickness and weight- arranging the heaviest at the top.

Precisely, all the objects in a room which you think might be dangerous for kids or are too precious to be broken, keep them higher or locked.

Opt for built-ins and mounted

Choose furniture such as consoles and bookshelves that are built-in or mounted on a wall. This way, your furniture will not move or tip over if a child takes support from it to stand. Built-in furniture is available in modern and classic designs ranging from glass to wood, anything to meet your style. Such cabinets also take up much lesser space.

Smart Fabric Choice

Leather serves as great fabric for sofas and ottomans. Not only does it look exquisite, but it is also easier to maintain. It is resilient to wear and tear and easy to clean. On the other hand, unblended linen and cotton stain relatively easily and are more difficult to clean.

In simpler words, choosing the right fabric for upholstery is important when you are living with kids.

Choose Suspension Lamps

Proper lighting is an important part of any space. And choosing suspension or wall lamps makes it safe(r) as well. Since bulbs and LEDs tend to get hot after being switched on for some time, suspension lights can give them the necessary protection against it. This way they stay out of reach of a child who wants to know what does that shiny thing does.

At Least one child-friendly seat

Have at least one seat in both the living room and dining hall where a toddler feels comfortable sitting. It should have a backrest and armrest and preferably be upholstered instead of a hard surface of metal or wood.


You can find designer furniture in Adelaide anywhere, but finding designer and safe-for-kinds furniture might take a bit of research. But do not worry, there are always ways to ensure safety with luxury.


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