Fantabulous Landscape Lighting Solutions for Your Outdoor Corporate Events

Landscape Lighting Solutions

There’s nothing like the perfect balance of a breathtaking atmosphere and mood lighting to create a great setting for any event. Even in films, elements like lighting and production design are taken seriously. And what is an event if not a live production set?

For a corporate event to have a lasting impact among executives and guests, your setting needs to elicit oohs and gasps from your attendees, and you can never go wrong with placing your gathering in the middle of beautifully manicured landscaping. The landscaping-lighting combo never disappoints—that in itself is decoration enough!

The following are some setups you can put together for evening corporate events to achieve that magical vibe people don’t get enough of.

Appreciation Events

Whether you want to hold a dinner party to stockholders, an awards night for top-performing employees, or a company-wide holiday party, choosing out outdoor setting will make your event more carefree, less stiff. None of those boring curtain designs and fluorescent lighting in function rooms and convention halls.

For appreciation events like a dinner and theater, private music parties, and holiday parties, you can look for an outdoor setup with Oriental or formal landscaping. Oriental landscapes will be great for music or film night as the unique, distinct accents of this type of landscaping can contribute to the artistic themes of your evening.

Formal landscapes, on the other hand, will be perfect for outdoor dinner parties. If the area has a pool, you can use some fiber-optic lighting to turn it into a glowing, relaxing addition to your mood setting. Add some accent lights and pathway lighting such as those from FX Luminaire, and you can expect a successful gathering.

Networking Events

Networking events are usually informal—lots of smiling, talking, and elevator pitches. For that kind of gathering, you don’t need to be super fancy. If you have a wide area where people can get together and form meaningful conversations, then you’re good to go. You can even organize this type of event in a large parking lot!

But that wouldn’t be ideal, would it? It won’t wow your employees and, especially, your prospective clients.

A large garden—now that’s something. You can once again go with gardens with Oriental landscaping as it has a variety of interesting features, such as rock formations and water features. If your Oriental garden has a pond, you can take advantage of some well lighting to add a beautiful glow—made possible by the reflection from the water as well as highlighted plant and rock formations.

You can also choose the landscape types that can—by themselves—be conversation starters for everyone attending your networking event. A butterfly garden is a charming example. The area is open and carefree, with little captivating butterflies all over the place—a ready conversation topic.

Another exciting setting for networking events is a xeriscape garden. There are various low-water plants and flowers that are absolutely gorgeous when highlighted by accent lights.

Product Launches

When you introduce a new product, there are executives, stockholders, reviewers and critics, media coverage, and even well-known personalities. You will want a beautifully decorated space with lots of mood-lifting features. So why not go for an outdoor product launch, where guests are accommodated in a large garden with gorgeous manicured landscaping? The flowers that go with the landscaping are an additional sweet treat for the eyes.

You can choose a garden with a formal landscaping style or an English-garden style. Both styles exude an aura of quiet elegance and will appeal well to your special guests. For additional decorations, you can put up art installations such as sculptures and fountains, accentuating them with spotlighting to make them stand out.

Charity Events

Charity events can be formal or informal, depending on the cause you are advocating. Since this speaks highly of the image of your company to the community, you can choose your theme depending on what the community you’re in is into—be it arts, music, sports, or something else.

If you want to do this event outdoors, you can go for gardens that instantly uplift the spirit, like butterfly gardens or English-style gardens. Since butterfly gardens mostly have gazebos and covered patios, ceiling lights can be an elegant fixture to add to your decorations. Some pathway lights and accent lights to highlight perennials and shrubs are also encouraged to make the space more warm and welcoming.

One last lighting trick when organizing outdoor corporate events? Fairy lights. They’re pretty, ethereal, and perfect for evening gatherings. What are you waiting for? Give landscapes their well-deserved lighting upgrade. Make them picture perfect for any event.

Light It Up

Lighting is a simple trick. But when done excellently, it can make your event memorable. Landscaping on its own is already amazing, but the right lighting fixture will give it the rapt and awed attention it deserves.


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