Style Tips in Preparation for Summer 2019

outfits for summer

The summer months are fast approaching, and for all those into fashion, beauty and style that can only mean one thing: a complete change in your seasonal wardrobe. It’s time to move those warmer and more wintery clothes into the back of your closet, bringing forth those clothes you reserve for the warm, bright and sunny months. But if you want to really stay on the cutting edge of style this summer, you’re going to need to add a few must-have items to your wardrobe – and this article suggests some of the most important to inject into your existing summer collection.

Monotone Minimalism

If you’re looking for something smart and a little understated this summer, why not find a monochrome, washed out bodysuit or similar to keep you cool and looking elegant over long wine-sipping evenings on terraces and in parks. Monotone is making its return after a fairly fruity and colorful summer last time around. So if you’re someone who likes to look smart as well as stylish, matching monotone greys, whites and khaki shades are a winner.

Shiny Shoes

No, these aren’t your metaphorical dancing shoes – they’re the kind that adds a little bit more character to your usual summer sandal! Once again understated yet also attention-drawing, mildly shiny silver is one of those tones that’s certainly making an appearance from the catwalks to the streets this summer. Find a set of Rieker shoes with that glimmer of hopeful opulence to add to your footwear collection this summer, whether a sandal or a flat shoe for more formal occasions.

The 80s Called…

As we’ve seen time and again, haunting flashbacks of previous decades’ outfits are coming back into fashion in recent summers, and this time around it’s the 80s who’ve come a-knocking. With them, they’ve brought leopard print blazers and pants, and that strong-shouldered look that came to epitomize the eighties. Whether the haircuts follow suit with the clothing trends is certainly a matter that we’ll have to wait to see, though.

Tie Dye

If you thought tie-dye died in the nineties, you were sorely mistaken. It’s not quite back in the same incarnation as it was when Justin Timberlake rocked those faded dyed shirts, but it’s got the hallmarks of the same washed out and casual style. Plenty of catwalks in recent weeks have been demonstrating the limits of this fabulous design trend, with shirts, dresses, pants, and scarves elegantly decorated in faded hues.

The Straw Hat

Wide-brimmed and classy, the main-stayer this summer is the simple yet elegant straw hat. With its timeless appeal and its seductive, strawberries-in-an-English-summer look, you’ll certainly want this accessory for any picnics or outdoor outings that you take in the heat of the day. Not only will a hat preserve your lipstick when the mercury begins soaring, but it’s perfectly suited to a wide range of clothing styles, which means it’ll be a firm favorite of your as you breeze through the summer months.

There you have it – some of the top fashion accessories to keep your eye on – and to add to your wardrobe – as summer 2019 fast approaches.


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