Are Cheap Menstrual Cups a Good Investment or Just a Good Deal?

Are Cheap Menstrual Cups a Good Investment or Just a Good Deal?

Menstrual cups are currently making a buzz in the women’s market because of the convenience it brings to menstruating women out there. Especially now that many people are product conscious, wherein the focus is the environment’s sustainability while being a useful product at the same time.

With menstruating cups making a ripple in the market, it is inevitable that the competition between brands and generic cups are clashing with each other. Although menstrual cups are already a good investment in the long run (money-wise), it might still be tempting for other women to go for the cheap menstrual cups thinking they save twice the price.

However, are cheap menstrual cups also a good investment just how like any branded menstrual cups are? Or is it just a good deal for a short while? Know the importance of knowing how cheap menstrual cups affect the quality you receive from the product by reading the article until the end.

How is a “Generic” or Cheap Menstrual Cup Defined?

A “generic” or “cheap” menstrual cup, by definition, is considered as one if it does not have a proprietary design, unique and is not known to be made from FDA cleared silicone, rubber, or TPE. Generic menstrual cups are often with the same design sold under a brand name with a varying packaging or without a brand name at all.

Although the generic menstrual cups are not inherently a safety issue, it still poses threats and risk in regards to ethical problem about intellectual property and integrity. In contrast, the brand name cups are designed, packaged, and marketed uniquely. Not to mention that its safety use is guaranteed.

Although using menstrual cups with brand names like Daisycup is not a must, it is one’s duty to use the products that would benefit one’s body better, and not jeopardize for the sake of saving money.

Should You Buy Cheap Menstrual Cups?

So, should you buy cheap menstrual cups? Well, honestly speaking, that would depend on you. But, let us help you decide clearly whether if its cheap price is really worth it.

Now, an average menstrual cup costs around 15 to 30 dollars, whereas a box of a tampon can be bought with 7 dollars. The difference in prices are quite high, right? However, tampons are disposable, and you need to buy one for almost every month.

Did you know that the average woman spends about 120 dollars per year on tampons? Imagine doing that for five years then compare it to your 15 to 30 dollars menstrual cup that can last up to ten years maximum if well-taken care of.

Menstrual cups are high priced like this is partly due to the manufacturing country. However, it also comes in good conditions for its workers, safety standards, assurance of quality raw materials, and manufacturing expectations. Certainly, these things are reasonable prices to pay!

Just consider that a menstrual cup is a product that you need to put inside your vagina for how many hours and up to a week each month for the many years to come. Imagine that, and ask yourself if you really want to have a cheap, generic menstrual cup made with sub-par materials.

The Importance of Good Quality

After all, it all comes down to the quality that you will receive from the item that you bought. In this case, menstrual cups with good quality material, which might be expensive for your budget, are made from high-quality silicone. Since this is a significant reason as to why the top brands are up in the 30-dollar price range.

Now, have you noticed that the more expensive the menstrual cups are, the more they do not have any strong smell to them when they first arrive at your home? This is because of the higher quality used as a material for your menstrual cup. Not to mention that it will not also take on any smell even after years of use.


Since menstruation plays a significant role in women’s lives and it is undeniably a part of it, then one should make sure that the product one is using fits well and can be used safely like the lunette menstrual cup Australia.

However, it is not uncommon that we need to have our money budgeted since there are also a lot of essential things that should be a priority. But, always remember that it is better to pay the right amount for your own safety and ethics than pay cheaply which make you vulnerable to developing health issues.


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