Top Online Education Platforms in 2019 (How Online Education Works REVEALED)

Top Online Education Platforms in 2019 (How Online Education Works REVEALED)

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Education as a ‘treasure that nobody can steal’ has been a cliche for a long time. Thus, even if you have a regular job, settled, and successful in your chosen venture, you need to cap your success with a diploma or course certificate.

Consider the following online education platforms to finish your studies in the comfort of your home and to fit with your schedule.


Topping 2019’s best online education platform is MasterClass.

This platform ensures a competent teaching force across various fields.

Some of the MasterClass competent and A-listed instructors are Gordon Ramsay (Cooking), James Patterson (Writing), and Daniel Negreanu (Online Gaming).

Aside from easy-to-learn workbooks, MasterClass also utilizes video materials to facilitate the holistic learning of students.

You can enroll in MasterClass now for $180 per year.


Links to top-notch US universities are what make Coursera a reliable platform to finish a degree or course online.

Learn Data Science, Math and Logic, Health, Computer Science, and Humanities on this platform for a very affordable rate. Some of its programs are even made available free for the public.

Coursera is also known to provide certificates after finishing a full-length course.  And take note, these online certificates are sanctioned and certified by Coursera’s affiliated universities.

Take a premium Coursera class starting from $39 a month.


If you want to get access to over 800 new courses every month, better enroll in Udemy.

While this online platform is deemed to be more expensive than its competitors, the quality of learning that you’ll get is beyond exceptional. You can find Udemy user reviews online.

Udemy implements an ‘open model’ system for both instructors and students. Open Model means that instructors are given the freedom to market their respective courses online.

Students will rate each course and can provide a merit grade to set a rate threshold.

The cost of a Udemy class ranges from $10- $500.

If you are a visual learner, then is the best portal for you.

This platform provides a complete library of video tutorials (subscription-based).

If you enroll in, it’s almost like taking an education course on Netflix for just $25 per month. 

Not only that but if you choose, then you will also gain access to more than 80,000 educational videos in different fields.

Open Culture Online Courses

Providing educational content sourced from premier universities, Open Culture Online Courses is another online education portal to watch for.

Open Culture Online Courses has collected hundreds of learning materials from different universities and made it open for public access – for free!

General Assembly

This New York-based learning institution focuses on technology, design, and business courses.

General Assembly has already opened more than ten campuses spread out all over the world.

Most of its classes are held on a face-to-face basis, but recently they have started to provide online courses for distant students.

Livestream is also used by the General Assembly instructors to establish a real-time interaction with students.

For five weeks of online teaching, the General Assembly will charge you $750.


If you want to enroll in a course related to language, health, technology, and business, Alison is the perfect online education platform for you.

Aside from implementing self-paced learning, Alison also provides certifications to all its graduates.

You’ll get all these perks in Alison for FREE.

 How Online Education Works REVEALED

Top Online Education Platforms in 2019 (How Online Education Works REVEALED)

Photo by Pixabay / CC BY-SA 3.0

Students taking a course online enjoy much more opportunity for freedom and personalization compared to people who are taking a regular class.

Take a look at how online education works for students.

  • Log In. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, computer, or smartphone, you can now attend a class just by logging in to your preferred online education sites.
  • Accessing LMs. After you have entered the GUI (graphical user interface), you are now ready to read the provided learning materials (LM) in a particular topic of discussion. You can also choose between text and video materials depending on your learning preference.
  • Assignments. You will be given an assignment after each discussion that you must comply with; otherwise, you will get a sanction in the next meeting.
  • Discussion. Engaging in a productive discussion is encouraged in online education. The instructors will gauge the students’ level of learning based on how the students answer or respond to each question. Read the importance of holistic learning in this article.


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