Four Fabulous Tips for Remodeling Your Guest Bathroom

Four Fabulous Tips for Remodeling Your Guest Bathroom

If you search for “bathroom remodel” online, you’ll be rewarded with a countless number of master bath renovation photos shared on various platforms. However, master bathrooms are not the only bathrooms in need of remodeling. Guest bathrooms are often smaller and burdened with a small window and no other source of natural light, making them feel dark and confined. How can you update your guest bathroom to feel larger and more inviting to your family and visiting friends? Here are some tips:

ambridge sliding frameless ladder pull chrome tub enclosure

     1. Curtain Call for the Shower Curtain

As previously mentioned, if there is only one window, the last thing you want to do is block its light. In addition, a shower curtain visually cuts off the space in the room and closes it in, making a small room feel even smaller. It may be a great idea to let your shower curtain take its last bow and upgrade to a glass shower enclosure or glass sliding door.

Another advantage to updating your bathroom with a glass shower surround is to showcase the tile and fixture choices you’ve selected. The effect of beautiful tile with an eye-catching design and elegant new fixtures is all but lost if they are hidden behind a shower curtain. Glass enclosures and doors put your tile design and fixtures on display. You can open up your space with the seamless stunner of a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure on your shower, the updated classic look of a frameless glass shower, or customize your enclosure to compliment whatever style you have in mind for this space.

The transparency of glass enclosures doesn’t take up any visual real estate so the eye can travel the full length and width of the room. Obviously, the bathroom feels much larger as a result. Factoring in more natural light and with your tile and fixtures in clear view, the upgrade of the space is apparent and dramatic.

Hinged Shower Panel on Bathtub

     2. Consider Converting

It’s worth considering whether you technically require a bathtub in your guest bathroom. If you have multiple bathtubs in your home, another in this area may not be necessary. You may choose to go with a larger shower or utilize some of the space for built-in towel storage. Converting to a shower only will give your bathroom more visual space and give your guests more physical space to change and get ready for their activities.

     3. Cabinet Re-configuration

In many of the homes built in the last thirty years, the guest bathroom has a large vanity or cabinet under the sink (or sinks) as well as another directly over the toilet. These take up a lot of visual real estate, especially if they are a medium to dark color. While white cabinetry can help make the space feel more open, re-organizing your bathroom items and reconfiguring the cabinet arrangement might be a better solution for you. Consider a slightly taller vanity with more storage capacity and pull-out draw features. Another possibility is a floor-to-ceiling hutch-style cabinet paired with a pedestal sink: open shelves can store towels and toiletries, while the lower closed cabinet can hold toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Instead of trying to trick the eye into thinking there’s a bit more space, eliminating one of the cabinets actually gives it to you.

     4. Streamline Your Supplies

Over-the-showerhead or corner organizers take up shower space and create a cluttered look. Adding a recessed cubby in a tub or shower surround is a much sleeker visual. (Extra tip: line the bottom of the recess with leftover stone or solid-surface countertop rather than tile so that you won’t have to scrub scum from grout lines!) If kids will be accessing this bathroom, you may want to consider adding another recess at a lower height for their use.

Although guest bathrooms are smaller than most master bathrooms, renovating them involves the same kind of changes: plumbing, fixtures, tile work, etc. Therefore, the cost of renovation is still a costly effort and you want to be sure to get the most bang for your buck. Some smart planning will help you transform your guest bathroom from a dark, constrained space to an open and welcoming oasis for family and friends.


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