Juuling Or Vaping! Everything You Need To Know!

Juuling Or Vaping! Everything You Need To Know!

Vaping is the Wild West! It’s something that is considered as the new ‘safe’ alternative to traditional and conventional cigarettes. They come in a variety of different forms with the most famous ones being Juuls, vapes, mods and vape pens.

While all of the alternatives are typically marked as the alternatives for avid smokers, the Juul has become the new rage with users varying from younger ones to the nonsmokers.

What Is Juul?

Juul is an electronic cigarette offer similar benefits similar to the vapes or other e-cigs. Reports show that the rise of Juul sales was about 2.2 million in 2016 to 16.2 million devices sold only in 2017. Although it looks similar to a Vape pen,  the only thing that makes them stand apart are pods, the liquid used in the pod, the size of the pen as well its closed vaping system.

Moreover, the design of Juul is very simple, which new smokers find very attractive. Also, the nicotine concentration in Juul is high, which make it easy for the non-smokers to switch from cigarettes to vaping.

The Construction Juul!

Juul is made of two parts: the device and the flavor pods.  The cartridge in the Juul is prefilled with the liquid content, which is made from a high concentration of nicotine salts.  Because of the high nicotine content, these cigs take less liquid which is equal to the amount of content you get from the regular electronic cigarettes.

Moreover, the higher concentration of nicotine will make your pod last for at least three days. Juul eliminates the confusion of using multiple switches, pieces, and buttons, and comes in different flavors as well as nicotine level.

All About Juul Pods:

Jull pods are the capsules that deliver flavored nicotine and smoke. However, unlike other e-cigarettes,  you cannot refill them with the normal Vape liquid.

Juul pods contain 1.7 percent of nicotine and are available in flavors like Alpine, Golden Tobacco, Apple Orchard, Mango Nectar and more.  The flavors are then slotted into a pen-like vape. Plus, you don’t need to press any buttons to get the vape.

What Is In The Vapor Of A Juul?

The aerosol that comes out of the e-cigarette is not just a water vapour, which means they are not as harmful as other cigarettes. However, E-cigarette contains substances like nicotine, which are quite addictive. Besides, it also contains propylene glycol, which produces stage or theatrical fog.

What Makes Juul So Popular:

One of the prime reasons that make Juul so popular is its ease of use a dots discreetness. Also, they don’t produce much smoke, and its flavors are all in rage. Further, Juul will help those who want to quit smoking. However, the high nicotine content of e-cigarettes can make people addicted to cigarettes.

Juuling Vs. Vaping!

Vaping, also called as Juuling is the process of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol or vapors produced by e-cigarettes.  While the amount of e-cigarettes vary, Juul comes with prefixed 5% of nicotine content, the same amount that is found in the cigarettes.

Every nicotine pod/ cartridge inserted in the Juul can give approx 200 puffs, offering as much as nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes.  Here are some key points to state whether or not vaping and Juuling is same: Juuling is like vaping. In fact, it’s a type of vaping, which can make you go high. It offers a faster dose of nicotine as compared to other vaping products.

Juuls are packed with a unique chemical composition. Further, most vaping products use propylene glycol and glycerine to deliver nicotine. However, juuls, on the other side, contain organic nicotine salts (a combination of nicotine and organic acids) to deliver nicotine.

Also, Juuls look like a USB stick, which means it is easy to hide. But, vape produces vapor into the air, making them hard to use in public. 

Here are a few facts you should know about juuling or vaping:

Fact1:  Vaping is more beneficial than traditional smoking:

E-Cigarettes heat nicotine, flavors, and other chemicals to produce water vapor for inhaling. Unlike regular smoking, which contain a lot of toxic chemicals, e-cigarettes let you inhale less toxic chemicals.

Fact2:  The addiction of both e-cigarettes as well as the traditional ones are the same:

Since both the e-cigs as well as traditional cigarettes contain nicotine, both are equally addictive. Further, many e-cigarette users get more nicotine than they consume from tobacco products.  However, you can buy extra cartridges, with a higher concentration of nicotine, to get high on the substance.

Fact 3: Vaping affects health:

Nicotine is the main ingredient in both regular as well as e-, and it is highly addictive. It makes you crave for smoke, whose overdose can become addictive.  Furthermore, nicotine is also toxic; it increases your blood pressure and makes your adrenaline high, which in turn spike your heart rate.

Fact4: Juuling and Vaping is not safe for kids

Since most of the e-cigarettes contain nicotine, no minimum amount of nicotine is safe for kids. Moreover, its highly addictive and can hamper brain development among kids. Even being surrounded by kids who use e-cigarettes can put kids and youth to the chemicals that can have ill effects on the health.

Fact5: Juul doesn’t possess lung cancer.

Since Juul doesn’t produce any carbon monoxide, tar and other chemicals that are associated with the tobacco combustion, the risk of having lung cancer is minimum.

So, that was everything about vaping and Juul!   


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