6 Top Tips for a Comfortable Summer Pregnancy

6 Top Tips for a Comfortable Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tiring during every trimester. Yet, the intense summer heat can only add to your discomfort and may make you feel exhausted. Thankfully, there is no reason to grin and bear soaring temperatures, as there are actions you can take to boost your comfort and reduce your body temperature.

To ensure you enjoy the beautiful season from beginning to end, here are six top tips for a comfortable summer pregnancy.

     1. Take a Dip in the Pool to Cool Off

To effectively cool off during the summer, take a dip in the pool if you have one. Not only will it make you feel more comfortable, but swimming and water aerobics can be a gentle form of exercise, which is good for your body and the baby.

     2. Install or Maintain Air Conditioning

Air conditioning will serve as your best friend during a summer pregnancy. Whenever the heat gets too much, you can flee the outdoors to enjoy a much-needed breeze within the home, which can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. So, you should either install or service an air conditioning unit in the run-up to summer.

     3. Remain Hydrated by Drinking Plenty of H2O

To remain both hydrated and cool during the summer months, you should drink plenty of H2O. Dehydration is not only dangerous for your health, but it can cause your uterus to contract.

To enjoy a healthy, happy body this summer, ensure you drink more than 50% of the water you would drink when you are not pregnant. If you cannot bring yourself to drink plain water, you can:

  • Enjoy an iced tea
  • Infuse fruit with water
  • Consume water-rich produce
  • Treat yourself to a herbal tea

     4. Avoid the Midday Heat

The sun will be at its strongest when it’s at its highest point in the sky. To ensure you avoid peak temperatures, aim to avoid the outdoors during midday. For example, if you need to run various errands, do so during the morning or later in the day, so you can escape the intense sun rays, which can make you feel tired, hot and uncomfortable.

     5. Put Your Feet Up to Reduce Swelling

Many pregnant women can experience foot swelling that is caused by extra fluid within the body and pressure from your expanding uterus, which can only add to your general discomfort during summer. Fortunately, you don’t need to tackle the issue all season long, as you should sit back and put your feet up to reduce the unwanted swelling. (comp.utm.my)

     6. Enjoy a Nap to Banish Tiredness

The heat can make pregnant women feel tired, especially those who are in their third trimester. If you are struggling with physical and mental exhaustion, treat yourself to a well-deserved nap. It will help to restore your energy levels and allow you to enjoy some shut-eye before your baby arrives in the world.

While summer can undoubtedly be uncomfortable for women at different stages of pregnancy, the above top tips could potentially make the warm season a breeze.


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