Conditioning the pool space: ideas and tips

Should you bother renovating your swimming pool?

The garden becomes a fully-fledged room to relax, play or simply enjoy with the family. By installing a swimming pool, you will be providing an extra source of comfort and well-being to your day to day. Therefore, like the decoration of your home, you must carefully consider the landscape design of your pool space. You can choose everything: the shape of the pool, the size, the decoration … Follow our swimming pool decoration and installation tips!

Design and decoration of your Waterer pool

Since everyone dreams of a swimming pool shop, we wanted to offer everyone the possibility of buying one. Our steel kit pools are fully customizable and robust. They are easily installed on all types of natural terrain, even with steep slopes. Plus, they’re affordable Offset Patio Umbrella. After more than 45 years, more than 110,000 families have already trusted us.

Complete and customized construction project

When launching with your pool project, it is important to receive good advice. To do this, a Waterer Pools consultant will appear in your home and carry out a complete and personalized installation project. Always at your disposal, we will advise you in the configuration of your pool space for your construction depending on your needs and your terrain.

Your goal: define with you the right pool for your garden and your needs.

The shape and size of your pool adapts to your limitations, depending on the configuration of your house, the available space and the existing vegetation. Your consultant will help you choose the ideal installation and orientation for your pool, to jointly create the most suitable pool space for you.

Our selection of pool decoration photos:

Watch the sunset, keep a tree you love, enjoy a relaxing space separate from the dining area … There are many ideas that will inspire and guide you when buying a pool.

Inspiration: Pool equipment becomes decoration objects.

Thanks to our kit steel pool solution, choose to assemble your pool yourself and save on labor. In this way you can assign that budget to the design and decoration of your pool environment.

The advantage: its non-slip texture prevents slipping and guarantees safety in your pool environment.

Pool lighting: to enjoy the hot summer nights, plan the lighting of your terrace and pool. By adding an LED floodlight to your pool, you can choose the color based on the environment you are looking for. Our pool ladders are equipped with top10bestoday, a system of LED spotlights that will illuminate the steps, a very charming idea.

Pool shower: The shower is an essential element to integrate into the design of your pool. Practical, it facilitates the maintenance of your pool, removing excess sunscreen and other external contaminants before bathing. Ecological, heat the water with solar energy. And, above all, aesthetics, thanks to its contemporary and timeless design that will be integrated into any decoration.

Discover our range of available showers.

Pool covers and covers: Covering the pool offers numerous advantages: it protects your pool from external contamination for easy maintenance and guarantees its safety. In addition, pool covers and covers are also decorative elements for your pool space. Choose the model and adapt the color based on your landscape design.

Characteristics of an ideal pool design

These are the three criteria that you must take into account when imagining the design of your garden with swimming pool:


Structure the space according to the use you will make of it.

On the one hand, book an area dedicated to calm and relaxation, where you can quietly read a book or take a moment to take a nap by the water.

On the other hand, create a cozy dining corner in which to receive your family and friends during their pool-parties.


To avoid shivering every time you get out of the pool, pay attention to the weather in your area and the wind. This will help you choose the location of your pool and the vegetation you plant.

As for plants, we advise you to opt for evergreen plants such as pines, laurels or lime trees. This will prevent leaves from falling into the water and maintenance of the pool will be easier.


We always want to protect ourselves from the eyes of the neighbors, especially if we go in a swimsuit. Also, in that case you can choose the position of all the elements of your pool space to create a discreet space.

In addition to paying attention to your needs throughout the installation study, your Waterer Swimming Pool Consultant will take into account the different characteristics of your land to help you make your swimming pool project a reality.


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