8 great outfit ideas for petite or short women

8 great outfit ideas for petite or short women

If you are on the short side of the height spectrum, it can be a double-edged sword when you go out shopping for clothes. For women, it is even more so – the last thing you want is accentuating the fact that you are short. Since actual growth spurts are out of your reach, the next best thing you can do is create illusions of being tall by choosing what you wear carefully.

If you stick to the trends you see, you might end up wondering why the clothes you wear make you look frumpy – but that is likely because you are wearing the wrong stuff. The proper dressing method for your height will require you to know what things to avoid and what to enhance – which is the reason we wrote this article to help you make an informed decision the next time you go out shopping.

Incorporate more cropped silhouettes instead of tunic tops

8 great outfit ideas for petite or short women

Cropped silhouettes are actually one of the best styling choices you can make if you are short and want to elongate your look, much more than a cropped style. This will kill two birds with one stone –makes you look good by making you look taller, and also add a trendy dimension to your overall look.

If you want to enhance it further by not making it look baggy, consider pairing it with your favorite high-waisted pants or skirt.

Rather than shirtdresses, wear wrap dresses

The problem with shirtdresses is the same issue you will encounter with heavily layered skirt – they run the risk of overwhelming your body frame and make you look shorter than you already are. The best alternative is trying a wrap dress or skirt, and this ensures your look fits your body correctly. Knot or gathered dresses and skirts are also great fashion choices for a petite frame.

Tailoring instead of oversize layers

8 great outfit ideas for petite or short women

Among the major fashion, mistakes are burying a petite frame in a sea of fabric – you do not even need it in the first place. While oversize silhouettes have a certain timeless appeal because of their trendsetting nature, they do not look good on shorter people, especially when the layers are very many.

There is good news though – enter the tailored style. Petite people will always look good in anything tailored, whether it is suits, skirts, dresses or casual looks in general. For a woman, a chic pantsuit will look good on you if you are on the petite side, and you can even combine it with a sleek blazer to make it even classier.

Remember the rule of stripes

When you are buying striped clothes, it is important to consider your body frame in mind. The general rule is that vertical stripes will create the illusion of height or slimness, while horizontal stripes will create an illusion of a broader frame. If you are short, your best bet is going for vertical stripes.

If you want to make it even slimmer and balance out your frame, avoid baggy pants. Remember – tailored items are your best friend. On that note;

Try out structured shapes and corsets, avoid boxy tops

8 great outfit ideas for petite or short women

Boxy tops, or anything boxy for that matter, will have the same effect to your look as a heavily layered style does. There is a reason why itis called boxy – four-sided geometric silhouettes are never the most flattering on a petite lady. Even though they are very popular right now, thanks to wintry knits and certain synthetic fabrics, you should opt out of them for the most part.

Like tailored pieces, a structured top is a great method of making sure your figure is showing off, and you do not have oversize pieces in the way. If it is a structured top, for example, you can wear it with jeans or tailored trousers.

Opt for solid one-color pieces instead of print jumpsuits

While a printed jumpsuit looks good on many people, it does not do any favors for a petite frame, unfortunately. The solid color choice is more flattering, as small body figures can be overwhelmed very easily when you wear prints. You can add some classiness to the look by wearing a nice pair of statement boots – but avoid the mid-calf types, wear ankle ones to make your legs look longer.

Wearing straight-leg denim instead of loose jeans

8 great outfit ideas for petite or short women

Speaking of making you look slimmer, one major fashion mistake many petite women make is wearing baggy jeans. While these are increasing in popularity thanks to the ‘90s inspired silhouettes returns, baggy clothes are always risky when you are on the shorter side. Loose jeans have the same problem, as they can overwhelm your entire look and make you look unnecessarily frumpy. In this case, you are better off wearing relaxed styles, such as skinny jeans.

However, if the thought of abandoning baggy jeans is not the most appealing to you, you can opt to wear form-fitting tops with the baggy jeans to create some balance – which is the ultimate goal anyway. You can also search for pants that become narrow at the ankles, then you roll them up for a bit and wear a blazer and stilettos, to give you the ultimate relaxed look on your weekends.

Avoid oversize bags

The current fashion scene we live in today is one dominated by oversize things, even bags. While they are ‘big’ for now, you want to avoid them when you are a petite person – otherwise, they will just swallow you completely instead of enhancing your look. You will actually receive more mileage when you have a smaller bag or opt for a clutch.

Final thoughts

When you are on the petite side, you are forced to overlook a lot of things that would make others look good, but it is necessary to understand why so that you can decide on better wardrobe items to buy. At the end of the day, the most important factor when selecting your wardrobe components is considered the element of balance.


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