How To Turn Your Conservatory into a Usable Space

How To Turn Your Conservatory into a Usable Space

Conservatories can often be classed as a ‘luxury’ addition to the home, providing an aesthetically pleasing room. If you have a pretty garden for it to look out onto, then even better.

However, conservatories can sometimes take a lot of time to plan and build, and they don’t come cheap. It’s essential that before you start planning to buy a new conservatory, you should have a series of great plans for what it can be used for.

Many people consider using a conservatory space to act as a new dining room – one which can especially be enjoyed in the summer. Others lean towards styling it up as a second lounge, whereas others may see it as a TV room or an at-home office.

Planning what your new conservatory can be used for can be an exciting thing to plan. If you’re a little stuck, let’s explore some options below to help get your imagination running. These are a combination of aspects to consider, and also some room inspiration too.

1. Use it to extend your living area

A well-built conservatory will extend your living area, giving you an extra room in the house for whatever you need. Plus, ask any quality conservatory supplier and they will agree that a conservatory will add value to your home.

The extra room can feature a dining table for those days when the weather is warmer, or you can kit it out with a desk and computer, for when you wish to work from home in a light, airy space. The natural lighting that a conservatory brings is not only a benefit for your wellbeing, it is also an opportunity to grow some plants indoors.

Conservatories make great spaces for lining up any plants and seeds you wish to grow indoors, which rely on full daylight and warmth to grow. Basically, the opportunities are endless!

2. Look into proper insulation  

There is no point in enjoying a conservatory if it isn’t well insulated, so make sure you look at ways of doing this before you go ahead. You want to be preventing the heat from escaping, as conservatories tend to warm up quite easily when warm air hits them, but it escapes in no time at all.

Draught excluders placed at the bottom of all doors can help to keep the heat in, as can looking at tiled roofs, heavy curtains or blinds surrounding the windows.

3. It can extend your kitchen and dining area

Some peoples homes can feature small kitchens, like the galley style kitchens that older homes often have. By utilizing your conservatory as an extension of your kitchen, it can give you so much more room for storage and seating areas.

By separating your kitchen and conservatory with sliding glass doors, you can easily store your larger, bulkier items (such as a standalone fridge or washing machine) in the conservatory, giving you more space to cook in the actual kitchen. But the best option is to use the conservatory to hold a larger dining table, great for when hosting a dinner party or gatherings.

4. Perfect for storage and appliances

Similar to the point above about storing your bulkier items, conservatories are used by many as a room where appliances can be kept when they just don’t seem to fit anywhere else. Dryers, hoovers, ironing boards – they all look unattractive when stored in kitchens and dining rooms, and sometimes, even hallways if you’re short of storage rooms.

In other words, a conservatory can simply double us a bright and airy utility room. If you make sure you arrange it in an eye-catching way, it could become a space you quite enjoy doing your ironing in.

5. Don’t forget the flooring

Flooring is another aspect of designing a conservatory which some people don’t think about until afterward. The flooring you choose should help keep the conservatory insulated, especially as these can become cold rooms in the winter months.

A concrete floor will absorb a lot of thermal energy, therefore covering it is vital. It is recommended that when using tiles to cover concrete, use ones with a higher PEI rating which would give more efficiently. Also, laying wood or carpets on top is another good idea.

6. Create a children’s playroom

Children love to have their own special room to play, and sometimes their bedroom just doesn’t quite do the job! A conservatory could be the ideal space to keep all your little ones toy boxes, books, and games, and when it’s their time to play, it means you don’t have to suffer from messing up the living room.

You can easily decorate it to reflect a playful space suitable for children. Start by putting colorful paintings up on the walls, and fun cushions and beanbags around the floor to make the floor a comfortable place to play. By putting a TV in the conservatory means they can also watch endless episodes of Peppa Pig without taking on the living room TV.

It is recommended that when looking for quotations for conservatories, you seek advice from as many reputable and professional installers as possible. A good installer will be able to offer advice on designing and creating it to suit the room you have in mind, so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the professionals, and be open to inspiration.


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