The reasons why Jewish hang Mezuzah on the door


The klaf must be hand-lettered by a fit copyist — one who is attentive of halacha (Jewish law) and who fits the bill for the errand. The case or holder, then again, has not exceptional prerequisites. It very well may be bought from a good shop like Jewish stores near me is good or handcrafted; it very well may be of any size or shape or material. The parchment is moved up from left to right with the goal that when it is unrolled the principal words seem first. The parchment is embedded into the compartment however ought not to be for all time fixed in light of the fact that twice in seven years the material ought to be opened and examined to check whether any of the letters have blurred or turned out to be harmed.

Where and When to Hang a Mezuzah

A mezuzah ought to be fixed to the doorpost of regularly living space in the house, not simply the passageway entryway. Any room that has two doorposts and an overhead lintel require a mezuzah, so one should check with a rabbi. Washrooms, storage rooms, pantry, engine compartment, or near food carts  etc., in any case, don’t require a mezuzah.

The mezuzah ought to be set up at the earliest opportunity subsequent to moving in, and not later than thirty days. A brief living arrangement, that is, a spot we live in for under thirty days, doesn’t require a mezuzah; nor completes an office or spot of business. A quarters room, which an understudy considers a home far from home, ought to have a mezuzah.

At the point when a family moves it ought not to expel its mezuzot from the doorpost if it realizes that another Jewish family will move in this way. (On the off chance that the case is a significant one, one can substitute another case, yet the klaf ought to remain.) If one realizes that a Gentile family is to follow in that spot of dwelling place, mezuzot ought to be expelled, in case they be viewed as futile and discarded.

In the Land of Israel, the 30-day rule for fastening a mezuzah does not make a difference. There, one should join a mezuzah to the entryway while moving in.

Step by step instructions to Affix a Mezuzah

The mezuzah is joined to the correct side of the entryway as one goes into a room. As such, if your entryway swings open from the corridor into the room, the mezuzah would be nailed to one side hand doorpost as you face the room from the lobby. This is so regardless of whether the doorknob is on the right or left-hand side. It ought to be put at the lower some portion of the top third of the doorpost, which is commonly about eyeball stature for a six-foot-tall individual. It is joined at an inclination, with the lower some portion of the holder toward you as you face the correct Jewish doorstep Parchments.

A mezuzah contains God’s name and in this manner, extraordinary torments are taken to see that it doesn’t fall. The case must be safely joined at top and base as opposed to hanging by a nail from the highest point of the mezuzah. On the off chance that the doorpost is too restricted to even consider affixing the mezuzah on an inclination, it tends to be appended vertically, yet at the same time should be nailed or stuck at top and base.

Blessing for Affixing a Mezuzah

The custom for fastening a mezuzah is brief and straightforward, particularly so thinking about its suffering nature. Mezuzah in one hand, one discusses this blessing.



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