The best way to prepare for your asylum interview

The best way to prepare for your asylum interview

There are lots of those who are seeking asylum in the US. However, only a part of them will actually be able to get residence and other benefits. Lots of that is dependent on how you fare during the interview and when submitting documentation.

During the process, the asylum officer’s main responsibility is to ascertain the validity of the presented documents that is, whether or not your claims are in order. Based on that information, the officer can determine whether or not you have the right to ask for asylum. As a result, it is crucial that he or she can confirm your story.

In this article, we will go through some of the most important things you need to know during the asylum interview. Read on!

Best tips for the interview

There are lots of things that you need to know prior to the interview.

First and foremost, all asylum candidates need to be honest and forthcoming during the process. No matter the situation, you need to provide answers the best you can. So, even if you’re uncertain regarding a situation, you need to make sure the asylum officers are aware of that. Making up things will not serve your cause.

Asylum application is at the forefront of the whole process. You need to make sure it is filled properly, without any mistakes or room for confusion. Before the appointed interview, it is crucial for all asylum seekers to review the application. Make sure to do it in advance instead of saving it for the last moment. Besides that, the seeker has to be acquainted with the whole document and every detail presented within. Besides this document you will also have to check all other papers such have your ID card, country reports and everything else that you submitted.

One of the things that are very important is consistency; all details have to be in accordance with each other. Also, they have to be very accurate if the situation allows it. Mistakes and discrepancies should be addressed as soon as possible. Even though there might be some mistakes when you initially submit the document, you need to point out these mistakes to the officer as well as why you’ve made them. On top of that, you should also mention any details that you initially forgot to submit and the reason why you forgot it. This initial sequence is very important as it builds a relationship with an officer and increases your credibility.

Most of the seekers make mistakes when it comes to particular, specific information. Dates, names, and places are especially tricky and it’s easy to confuse them. Regardless of how irrelevant this information may be; it is crucial that you remember it as not everyone will sympathize with you.

As mentioned, honesty is your golden ticket to an asylum. Don’t try to add to the existing information or exaggerate in any way. The asylum officers may notice this which will reduce your odds of getting the asylum.

You should get prepared for tough questions because they will be asked. It is very important to focus on the reasons why you seek asylum in the first place and whether or not you have merit for it. If you’re having trouble understanding English or a particular accent, it is much better to ask for an interpreter. It is very important to understand each and every question.

Lastly, if you suffered any trauma while leaving the country, you have the right to ask for assistance. There are lots of people who had a bad experience leading to memory lapses and other psychological disturbances. Make sure to mention it and ask for a reprieve if needed.

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