12 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

12 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom is your personal space, where you can relax and chill out. Obviously, it should be warm, comfortable and cozy, but it should also reflect your personality, creativity and artistic side. If you want to revamp your favorite room but are not aware of what is trending these days, here are some trendy and modern ideas:

1.     Throw Attention on the Walls

Do you have any ideas for the wall that faces the door of your bedroom? How about decorating it with a world map wallpaper, scenes from nature or a geometric pattern? Wallpapers and decals are one of the most economical ways to give your bedroom a brand new look. Plus, they’re easily available because many stores sell online wallpaper in Australia. Browse their collection, choose your favorite design, pay for it, and wait for the product to be delivered to your doorstep.

And the best part about ordering online wallpaper in Australia is that you get to apply them yourself!

2.     Choose Subtle Colors

Which colors are the most prominent in your bedroom? Yes, bold colors are in these days, but how about going for soothing, subtle shades? They have a charm of their own, and they are so easy on the eye. Are you aware of the color theory? Blue, green and lavender hues are considered to be serene. Tones like browns, pomegranates, and topaz introduce a sense of coziness, making the space comfortable and relaxing. Pale pinks and peaches add soft, romantic vibes.

Select your favorite shades and brush them here and there in the bedroom. So, for instance, if you decide to have world map wallpaper on one wall, then you can brush pale blue or aqua shades on the rest of the walls. And by the way, you can also display colors in the form of cushions, small decorative items or even a wail painting.

3.     But Limit the Palette

While subtle shades are one of the best bedroom decorating trends, don’t overdo and throw in too many colors all at once. At most, there should only be three main shades in any room.

4.     Don’t Ignore the Ceiling, Please!

A bland and dull ceiling is so boring, especially when you lie down on the bed. While something dark above may make space look smaller and uninviting, you can always have something soft up there. So instead of the traditional blank ceiling, how about a patterned one? Or maybe, you could stick to a plain ceiling, but choose a hue that is a lighter version of the wall. This should make your bedroom look more comfortable and intimate.

Ceilings can be decorated in other ways as well— through ceiling wallpapers, beams, moldings, and chandeliers.

5.     Let in the Sun

Don’t go for too many window treatments, especially if your bedroom is small. Limit them so that your windows draw in the maximum amount of light. Want privacy? Install blinds in the form of hanging panels or rollers – these are the most preferred.

6.     Maximize Storage Space

If your bedroom is small, you would want to get as much storage as you can.  Fitted floor-to-ceiling units maximize space and offer more storage in clever ways. Featuring drawers for personal belongings, shelves for books and flat surfaces that work great as laptop tables, these units can be used in an array of ways.  And some of them may even have a built-in wardrobe on one side.

Storage under the bed is another great idea. Some of the beds are already equipped with drawers, but if that’s not the case, you can always keep boxes or bags that can slide underneath. Do conceal them with beautiful bed skirts, though, so that your room looks neat and clean.

7.     Setup a Private Nook

Set up a quiet corner in the room, preferably near a window, where you can relax or read in peace. Place a comfy chair, a footstool or even a bean bag. If you have space, keep some cushions as well for greater comfort. And when there’s enough room, set up a window seat – which is an all-time favorite trend.

8.     Add in Linens

Dress up your room in soft linen fabrics, adding more depth to space. Purchase sheets that are 100% linen or cotton with thread count greater than 350. Choose them in the same shades as the walls and the rest of the decor to complete the picture.

9.     Play Around with the Light

Trendy bedrooms feature a number of lighting options. The traditional fixtures bathe the entire room in a comfortable glow. Small lamps should be placed for reading purposes and similar activities. Accent light fixtures illuminate the walls softly. Bedside lamps are also a good option, but choose products with a separate power switch and dimmer so that you can adjust the light as required.

10.Push the Bed in a Corner

Got a sleek hardwood floor? How about lining the bed against the wall to draw more attention to the floor? But to maximize impact, avoid a bulky bed frame.

11.Magnify the Room with Mirrors

Mirrors make any space look bigger than it actually is.  Though they are available with vintage frames as well, choose simple, modern frames if you want to give your room an edgy look.

12.Stick to Simplicity

Which of the above-mentioned ideas have you liked the most so far? We’d like to close off with one final point. Regardless of what colors or decorations you choose, stick to simplicity and elegance. Make sure that there is enough distance between furniture pieces, at least two feet between the beds, dressers, and tables. Keep accessories to a minimum—a beautiful artwork piece, some photos, candles, and flowers are enough. Throw some pillows and cushions and pillows on the bed, a rug on the floor, and that’s it!

The more minimal your bedroom is, the more amazing it would look! Have fun decorating your own personal resort!

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