Should I Become a Dentist? | Doctor vs. Dentist

Should I Become a Dentist? | Doctor vs. Dentist

An Introduction to Dentistry

Dentistry is known to be one of the most popular types of healthcare professions in the entire world, and has indeed become famous all over the world since taking care of your teeth became a big part of the healthcare and hygiene scene since the advent of the 19th Century. Indeed, since centuries ago, Dentistry has been recognized as an essential profession and service to have for just about any town and city. The fame of Dentistry spreads far and wide, with Dentistry gaining special recognition in Western countries such as America and Canada, both countries where Dentists rank among some of the highest earning healthcare practitioners, along with Dentistry being one of the most stable types of jobs there are. Edmonton Dentists are known to be some of the finest in Canada, and have risen to this position only through hard work, as being a recognized dentist with your own practice takes a lot of work.

Though not many people realize this, the road to becoming a Dentist is a rocky one, and certainly requires an astonishing amount of hard work from those trying to brave those roads.

Dental School, a 3-4 year degree, is considered to be one of the hardest things to graduate out of in the entire healthcare industry, as Dentistry students get no rest whatsoever. After that, you to learn to deal with all the stress that comes with being a General practitioner. As dealing with lines of patients for hours on end, and doing the same procedures every day, can prove to be much more than some can handle.

Anxiety and Stress: Constant Companions in Dental School and General Practice

Anxiety and Stress can be called one’s constant companions while in Dental School, and during hours of General practice in medical institutions. Dental School is a four-year degree that can prove to be very testing for even the most patient and hardworking of people. Students should be willing to put in whatever and however much work the degree needs.

Dental School is designed to stimulate just a little bit of the stress that one feels while in General Practice, as you have to deal with tens of patients, all of whom are impatiently waiting for their turn- unless you’re fast with each patient, a few of the ones at the back are liable to walk out, and this means they will not be returning.

This rush is by far one of the very worst things about Dentistry and is one of the reasons why a lot of people find the job to be bone-tiring. You must be fast with your hands, as being done with each patient quickly is what the job requires.

Dentistry: A Stable Profession

However, if you manage to beat the constant urge to drop out of Dental School, the rewards for persevering all the way until practice are extensive, and there is not just a single reason for this, as we can find many, with one of the primary ones being that Dentistry is a stable profession. The reason for the stability of Dentistry is the fact that with the recent breakthroughs that have been made in Dentistry procedures and equipment, the popularity of Dentistry is projected to take a steep climb over the next few years, with a boom in demand for Dentistry Procedures and Treatments. Declining Dental Hygiene standards throughout the world have also contributed to the success of Dentistry as a profession, as declining standards of Dental Hygiene mean that more and more people have to get procedures such as root canals and cleanings done more frequently.

Being a Doctor Compared to Being a Dentist

A lot of people think that if compared, the benefits of being a doctor are more than being a Dentist and that dentists don’t earn as much as doctors. The average way of thinking is that while Doctors can push off most of their work to nurses, Dentists have to do all their alone, and have no assistant to help them. This statement couldn’t be more wrong, as Dentists are some of the highest earning healthcare professionals around the world, with some of the richest healthcare practitioners being prominent dentists who have their own practice.

When talking about employment, employment as a Dentist is not only easier to find and much more common than job opportunities as a Doctor, but also more high paying, since Dentists are some of the highest earning healthcare practitioners. Thus, it’s proven beyond that being a Dentist is not worse than being a Doctor, and is indeed much better!


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