Side Hustles Every Parent Should Consider

Side Hustles Every Parent Should Consider

Raising a family can feel like a full-time job, especially when you take into account just how many long hours you spend meal prepping, entertaining, cleaning up, and more. Unfortunately, parenting isn’t the kind of job that comes with any monetary payoff; in fact, it costs a ton of money to raise children. Being a parent is tough. Dedicating tons of time and money to raising your family can hurt your bank account more than you know, even if you have a full-time career supporting it.

Make 2019 your year of wealth and success by diving into lucrative side hustles that could seriously transform your financial landscape. Here are some ideas for how you can up your annual earnings with these nifty side gigs.

6. Tutoring

When you were in middle school and high school, you struggled with basic algebra and had a tough time understanding the underlying meanings lying within F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Since you graduated, you’ve mastered the art of breaking down a book and can complete simple algorithms in a matter of seconds. Put that knowledge to use by tutoring a student in need of some extra academic guidance.

The payoff: Depending on the student’s age and subject matter, you could earn anywhere between $30 and $100 an hour.

5. Blogging

Unleashing your opinions onto the world wide web doesn’t necessarily seem like it would lead to any income, but you would be surprised by the number of full-time bloggers who have made wildly lucrative careers out of their WordPress or Wix blogs. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista or aspiring world explorer, by turning your interests into the written word, you could create a community of like-minded people, and get paid for doing it!

The payoff: Building a money-making blog takes time, but once established, you could be making anywhere between $19K and $79k a year.

4. Landlord

Side Hustles Every Parent Should Consider

Whether you’re chasing a real estate dream or have the perfect seaside home you want to turn into a source of income, crossing into the world of landlording may be the answer to your side hustle dreams. Between studious tenant screening and quick interior flipping, there’s a lengthy to-do list before you see any incoming cash flow but trust us—the tasks are well worth completing once the cash starts coming in. Renting out a property to a high-traffic area could land you some serious extra cash.

The payoff: Depending on the location and proximity to attractions, your rental property could earn you anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000 a month.

3. Event Planning

Have a knack for planning some of the best parties in your friend group? Maybe you’re known for your killer party invites or have an eye for unique bachelorette party decor. Whatever it is that sets you apart as a party planner could be the defining element that sets you apart as a professional planner. If logistics and creativity are your strongest suits, event planning may be your side hustle calling!

The payoff: On average, party planners make between $20-$50 an hour.

2. Online Surveying

Nope, it’s no myth; you can actually make money by completing online surveys. Companies want to know what consumers like you think—so yes, your opinion can really pay off. Whenever you’ve got time between meal prepping and potty training, taking a few online surveys can put a little extra cash in your pocket!

The payoff: Some surveys pay as little as $0.50 and some pay $5.00. The more surveys the merrier!

1. Dog walking

If you’re lucky enough to live in super pet-friendly cities like San Diego, California or Orlando, Florida, your next side hustle is looking furry. Dog sitting and dog walking have become some of the most common side hustles people turn to when they need a little extra gas money or some weekend fun funds. Sites like Rover and Wag are great ways to get your services out there and connect with pet owners in need of some help with maintaining Fido’s schedule.

Side Hustles Every Parent Should Consider

The payoff: The average dog walker earns $15 to $30 per walk.

Keep your eyes on the prize as you venture into your new side hustle. The more time and effort you put into it, the more lucrative cash flow you’ll get out of it! Already have a side hustle? Leave a comment with your side hustle story!


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