Casual dating vs. serious dating

Casual dating vs. serious dating

Dating is a very common word used today among the youth. Everyone must have witnessed the puzzling phase in their love lives where they oscillate between the decisions whether to start taking your casual date seriously or continue casual dating. A relationship is about mutual understanding and love, and about spending more time with each other, and it depends on you and your expectations from your life and from your partner.

Free hookup sites that work are quite popular among the young generation who wish to be in a causal relationship without having to make long term commitment. Though hooking up is not the same as casual dating, they have many things in common. That is why many free hookup sites work well for setting up a casual date. A casual date or hook up does not necessarily demand an emotional connection or long term relationship. Well, the catch is that the casual relationship which you have found from the free hookup sites that work may not always remain casual. Your emotions are not always in your control, and free hook up sites that work for casual relationships quite often turn to serious dating when you fall in love. Are you confused about whether your relationship is casual or serious? Well, these pointers will definitely help you analyze whether you are dating casually or heading towards serious dating with your partner:

  1. The way of introducing your partner to others

If you are in a serious dating relationship, you may introduce your partners as your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. However, if you are casually dating, you may introduce your partners as someone you are dating. Hence, the way of introducing your partners when you are casually dating as opposed to when you are seriously dating itself is quite different.

  1. Monogamy in your relationship

The primary difference between casual relationship and serious relationship is not necessarily the ability to remain monogamous. But often, in casual dating, long term commitment is not required and people in a casual dating relationship are involved. Whereas, on the other hand, when you are seriously dating someone, you are committed to only one person.

  1. The level of Seriousness

People who are in a serious dating relationship tend to be quite involved with their partners. They tend to talk to each other often and see each other quite often. On the other hand, people who are in casual relationships are deeply involved with their partners. They show much lesser seriousness towards each other. They may be meeting each other frequently but are not very emotionally involved, nor are they serious about the relationship.

  1. The fun element

Many couples who are engaged in casual dating do it for the sake of having fun with each other without any commitment to the future. The ‘fun’ factor usually involves physical pleasures. A couple who is dating casually go hang out and enjoy life. The couple who are in a serious dating relationship also has a lot of fun doing things together and going out with each other. They are more concerned about each other, and they care for each other in a serious dating relationship.

  1. Intimacy with your partner

Both casually dating or serious relationships involves intimate relationships. The difference here is that many times, the couples in a casual relationship have sexual intimacy with various partners as they don’t have an emotional connection with each other. On the other hand, intimate couples in a serious dating relationship don’t get intimate with anyone apart from their partners.

  1. Mutual understanding and agreement

This is the significant difference between casual dating and serious dating between couples. The idea of a relationship is based on trust. But this does not apply to a casual date. Casual dating is not mutual; one may be in an exclusive date for fun and may not have any mutual consent for long term relationship at all. Sound guidelines and principles like loving each other, caring and trusting each other are a few unspoken rules of serious dating.

  1. Commitment to each other

This is the most obvious difference between casual dating and serious dating. People who date casually seek everything apart from commitment. In fact, for most people who date casually, commitment is the factor which both shy away from. They do not commit to each other in any manner, whereas the couple who date seriously, make commitments. The commitments are integral to their relationship. The couple, in a serious relationship, commits to staying together to ensure a brighter future. Often, the couple has already dreamt of getting married and may have even discussed their plans to have kids.

  1. The Communication factor

Communication is quite different in casual dating as opposed to serious dating. If you involved in serious dating, you may be communicating everything about every aspect of your life to your partner, be it the small details of your past, present or your future. On the other hand, if you are involved in casual dating, serious communication about life is never spoken about; it is all about fun. It involves deciding where to hang out, the places to dine or the best sex position.

  1. The expectations out of the relationship in dating

It is obvious that the expectations vary when you are on a casual date as opposed to when you are seriously dating somebody. On a casual date, the expectations you have from your partner are significantly lower. On the other hand, when you are in it for the long haul, you expect more maturity and commitment from your partner.

If you are looking for a casual date, the free hookup sites that work will help you find the perfect casual partner. However, you should be aware that your emotions may be uncontrollable at times. Casual dating may slowly turn to serious dating. Keep an eye out for these signs to know which date are you going on: is it still casual or has it turned into a serious date?


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