Children Safety in Gated Community – Checklist of Being Responsible Residents

Children Safety in Gated Community - Checklist of Being Responsible Residents

Keeping the community safe for our children is the most important criteria that every resident has to think of. As a responsible resident of a community, it’s our duty to provide security to our neighborhood. The checklist provided below includes all the important points to keep in mind and the things to follow to provide a safe and secure community to our children.

Checklist to be followed by every resident living in a gated community

  • Keep An Eye

While wandering or walking around the community always keep an eye on the children.

Observe their actions like where they are going or what they are doing, it’s more like being a supervisor but not really one. So, even when the parent is not around, the kids are still being monitored and protected.

  • Monitor Workers

Keep monitoring the workers like when they are arriving and leaving the community. Sometimes you might not have tracked the entry/exit times in such cases it becomes difficult to determine whether the worker has left or is over staying in the community. But using a community management software like myGate you can get notified if any worker overstays his/her stipulated time.

  • Pending Electric Works

Whenever you spot any electric works that are pending or any short circuit that you have noticed, inform it to the management team as soon as possible. Sometimes, without anyone’s notice, the kid might be playing near that area which is quite dangerous. So as a responsible resident we have to inform it to the team urgently and get the pending work complete.

  • Any Suspicious Visitors

If you come across any suspicious people around the community or any suspicious activity happening around, inform other residents as well as the management team about it. Usually to avoid this problem many communities have started using a community management software which provides visitor management facility. With such software only authorized visitors(approved by residents) are allowed inside. And other suspicious activities like child exiting the gate without the notice of the parents, in such cases, this software will notify you every time your child leaves the community.

  • Reporting Incidents

It is really difficult for the management to keep an eye on everything happening inside the community. So, as soon as you come across any incident try and inform the association so that they are notified about what is happening inside society and can take respective measures to solve or prevent it.

No matter what, it’s our community and our home. There is no harm in being responsible for the security around.

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