Brain Games for Your Kid that require Logical Traps to win

Brain Games for Your Kid that require Logical Traps to win

Brain games are logical and fun to play games which require deep thinking and fast analysis on the part of the player. It is a simple way of having fun while still learning new things and improving the brain capacity to process information. Below are some of those games which can be found on Friv 2 and which you should encourage your children to play.

99 Balls Evo:

In this game, the player is expected to shoot a ball and hit other numbered balls. With each strike on a numbered ball, the number decreases and ball disappears on reaching zero. Through this process, the player is expected to clear 99 balls. Using the mouse, the player determines the angle and speed of the ball and make sure it is sent to the place where it can earn ricochet off more balls. It is a game that requires math skills and the faster one is able to clear the balls, the higher the score. It is a fun and challenging game.

Minecraft Tower defense:

This browser game combines features of the popular Minecraft game with engaging tower defense strategy which leaves the player fully enthralled. It also has the pixelated graphics that are associated with the original Minecraft and the tower defense makes it even more interesting and addictive. There are varieties of towers such as egg throwing towers, archers’ towers, etc. to choose from, different weapons and traps are also available. To play, one must first build a path to the defense tower before setting up his defense system against waves of attack. Such a path can be as complex as possible to confuse the attackers. Additional resources will be awarded after every successful repelling of enemies attack and the resources can be used to upgrade the towers  and build additional means of the difference

Master archer:

This is a game where you use your arrow shooting skills to shoot fruit off the head of a boy and make sure you do not hit the boy. This simple browser game helps to perfectly time your shoot and it is inspired by the classic Apple Shooter game. To play this game, click and hold the left button of your mouse to start aiming upside and release the shot at the right time.

Physics drop:

It is a physics game which is a lot of fun to play. The objective is simply to drop the red ball into a U shaped object and in order to achieve this; you have to draw as many interconnected lines, shapes and objects as possible which must all obey the law of physics.  The ball and everything that you draw all react to the law of gravity but at times gravity is reversed, you must be very careful not to trap the ball between a group of lines as this would mean the end of the game. This game is very educational and suitable for kids to play and enjoy as it will improve their problem-solving skills and sharpen their creative thinking and reflexes.

Brain for the monster truck:

The task of the player in this game is to drive the truck to end of every level without losing the cargo and all the stars on the path. It is physics based and very imaginative game where to get to the end of the road, the player has to draw lines to build paths that will take the truck to the next platform and must also take control the movement of the truck. To play this game, the player will create pathways by using the mouse to draw lines in between platforms and after doing that, use the arrow keys to move the car forward or backward as the case may be, it is for the writer to think of the optimum route to take and with 24 levels in the game, it is equally challenging and stimulating to the brain. It can be played on both mobile and computer browser.

Geo quiz:

This is a browser game where your knowledge of geography is fully put to test.  It has 13 levels of varying difficulties and you are expected to identify ten different places including countries, cities, famous places, etc. on the map at each level. The error gauge for each level is 30,000km and it will decrease with the offset of each error made. The game is over when the error gauge gets to zero and when you finish a level, the remaining kilometer on the gauge is added to your final score

All these exciting and challenging brain games which help to improve the mental capacity of a child can be found on kizi.


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