How To Plan: Prepare And Travel Comfortably With Your Pets

The pet adoption process has opened up many gates for abandoned and rescued pets. Furthermore, it is a prerequisite when you are looking at army dogs for adoption. Post their retirement, they deserve a welcoming habitation alongside abandoned or injured pets. It is a privilege to pet those unsung heroes. People who resonate with these feelings should definitely consider army dogs for adoption. 


The onset of the procedure is initiated by recognizing a need to adopt a pet. Paradoxical to your fixation, other factors must be inclusive in this decision-making. These include home space, family, lifestyle, and budget. While it is not a monetary exchange, fostering a pet will need adequate support. 

Once you are certain about wanting to adopt, decide on which pet you want to welcome home. Recognising this aptly is cardinal as a pet lives on for many years. It will also be influenced by the other factors mentioned above. In addition, time is very vital. Don’t get an over zealous pet if you spend most of your time working. To discern your requisite, consider points like –

  1. Do you want a pet to cuddle?
  2. Are you adopting one for security reasons?
  3. Is it to spark up companionship at home?
  4. To add it to a family?
  5. Are your living conditions safe enough?
  6. How much time can you spend with them?
  7. Do you want a trained pet?

After careful consideration vis-a-vis these details, choose a pet that takes your fancy. 


As opposed to before, we now have numerous adoption camps and shelters to choose from.

These shelters make for a temporary home for the pets, fostering them. Generally, shelters are home to more abandoned and injured pets. They nurse them back to health unless a suitable home comes along the way. 

Adoption camps are more puppy oriented, however, older dogs can be adopted here too. Banking on their best fit, people pick from both evenly. To give you a better inkling, try spending sometime with these pets. It is also necessary to check whether they have been properly vaccinated. The procedure further entails a documentation for the person adopting the pet. They are required to submit their personal details to make sure these pets are properly cared for. 


A combination of dogs, cats and other animals can be found here. These stray animals are often not cared for by the general public. A handful of good samaritans go out of their way to foster these pets. But it is vastly commonplace for moving cars to hit these animals. They move ahead unfazed, injuring an innocent creature. That is where having shelters comes in handy. 

They arise as saviours at a time like this. Their passion for animal welfare has been extensively instrumental. Every year copious numbers of pets perish because of rains. The shelters step in and rehabilitate them. Where they receive pertinent medication and care.

With the pandemic upon us, there has been a dearth of people helping stray pets stay afloat. While a lot of people have taken to adopting, a large number of pets have fallen prey to starvation. A lot of foundations and shelters have come together, in spite of being equally affected by the financial ruin. 


 We have many laws safeguarding the lives of animals. It is illegal to abandon a pet under Section 3 and 11 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. But in spite of this people still continue to abandon dogs and come up with pesky cover-ups. Some of them blame the absence of having enough supplies or the lack of house help. Regardless, it is inexcusable to abandon a pet based on one’s momentary inconvenience. 


In retrospect, humans need to practise more self policing before adopting and stick to that regimen. Animal shelters have proven to be a boon to animal care in these difficult times. They selflessly give to animals who are not even destined to stay with them. This is the kind of passion we need. But the scenario has bettered over the years drastically. Stray animals were treated cruelly and often killed. 

But with changing times, many compassionate folks have managed to bring a reform. They are trying to alter mindsets and stereotypes that can come with  adopting a stray pet. Much remains to be done but Rome was not built in a day. People have slowly but gradually started seeing these animals in the right light which is very promising. 


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