10 Things No one tells you about moving in together

10 Things No one tells you about moving in together

Moving in together is a big step for any couple. It’s either the one before marriage if you decide to go that route or the final vessel in starting your life together. Whatever the case may be, it’s one of the biggest moments that a couple can experience. As such, it can go really good and become a pleasure; or it can end the relationship. Before you commit, you need to be aware of all the benefits and troubles that come with it. The same thing applies when you plan your move to NC before you move from California. Knowledge is power and in something as important as moving in as a couple, it is key. Let’s check out 10 things you should definitely know prior to moving in together:

You will learn a lot about each other when moving in together

When you move in together you will discover things about your partner that you were not aware of before. And that might not be something you want. If there was any faking in the relationship, it will go away once you take that extra step. Nobody can pretend for 24 hours every single day. You will get to know their morning routine, level of personal hygiene and how they function in their living space. If you see something that you do not like, say something about it immediately. Any suppressed feelings always lead to resentment and that is no way to maintain a healthy relationship.

10 Things No one tells you about moving in together

Learning about your significant other always comes with great risk

Sharing a bathroom in the morning will become tricky

In the morning we all get busy pretty quickly. You are going to work and have only a small amount of time to prepare. The same thing applies to your boyfriend/girlfriend, and as you may imagine, this can lead to problems. There might not be space for your stuff anymore or they’ll just clog the entire bathroom. Perhaps you’ll ever need to keep your extra stuff in a safe storage facility ha-ha. Make sure to communicate ahead of time what you need to do and how much time you have in order to avoid being late and get where you need to be.

Cleaning up after yourself can save you a lot of trouble

There is nothing worse than a messy living environment. Even if you are not a huge “everything needs to be in order” type of person, it gets old pretty quickly. Now imagine if someone else is making it that way. Like your significant other. Perhaps they have a nasty habit that you need to endure. This is something that can make moving in as a couple a nasty experience. Make sure to keep your home clean and enforce that in your partner as well. Just wash that plate as soon as you eat it in order to avoid an argument. There are two places your clothes should be located in, either the hamper or the closet.

You will spend a lot of time together – and it may be too much

Seeing someone all the time can get boring pretty quickly. It does not have to happen, but it might, and that’s ok. Additionally, you will find out if this person is someone you can spend the rest of your life with, or not. Be aware of this. Make sure to have some time for yourself during the day. Go to the gym, take up an art class, just have some time for yourself. Do not lose your privacy and “me time” when starting to live together.

Date nights are a must after moving in together

To keep the same level of excitement when you were just dating, you need to spend quality time together. We all live busy lives and time management is often a problem. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is increasingly difficult. In order to avoid losing that “secret sauce” in your relationship, date nights are something you should do as often as you can. Having at least one time period in a week when you can go to dinner or on a walk together can help you keep the relationship fresh.

10 Things No one tells you about moving in together

Spending quality time with your partner is key in maintaining a healthy relationship.

One of you should know how to cook

Ordering food is a convenient solution that many people use all the time. This might not be a great idea. In general, fast food is not healthy and not a long term plan. By having someone who can cook in the household, you can make sure your meals are 100% healthy. Additionally, cooking something for your girlfriend is one of the most romantic things you can go according to studies. And who does not want to be on the good side of their partner?

Small, cute surprises will go a long way when moving in together

Again, it’s all about keeping the relationship fresh. You do not need to spend a huge amount of money on gifts, it’s all about the small things. Trying to maintain the same level of love as when you were having your first dance should be a priority. Especially when moving in with your partner. Try to make sure you do one amazing thing for your significant other on a weekly basis. It can be breakfast in bed or bringing flowers after work. Nothing too fancy, but just making sure the other person knows you love them.

Listening and understanding are skills you must have

More time together, more chance of conflict. In order to not make this a problem, you must learn how to listen and understand your partner. If there is something you do not like, talk about it. Try to understand where they are coming from before making a fuss. If they have a weird habit, ask yourself is it really that big of a deal. On the other side, take criticism. Be open to compromise, its the key when moving in as a couple. Do not think they are attacking you or trying to change who you are, they probably want to make your life together as enjoyable as possible.

Unfortunately, it does not work out all the time, and that’s ok

Things can go wrong. They just can, and you probably can’t do anything about it. Some people just do not function together for a longer period of time. And again, it’s completely fine. Moving in with your partner is difficult. We are all different and finding someone you can settle down next to is difficult. There are many things that can go wrong and perhaps you can not influence them.

10 Things No one tells you about moving in together

Statistics do not have to apply to you, but keep them in mind before making any decision.

Statistics aren’t as good as we might suspect

Many studies point that living together is more stressful than marriage itself. And only 50% of people who move in together end up married. Additionally, compared to married couples, people living together are more prone to depression and substance abuse. There are many statistics that pinpoint that moving in together can go wrong. But this does not have to be you. Yes, it is difficult, but if you give it your best and compromise wherever you can, it can work out in the way you imagined.


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