3 Reasons People Install Outdoor Pergolas

3 Reasons People Install Outdoor Pergolas

A pergola is a simple outdoor structure that can transform your backyard into a perfect living space. It is made of vertical, roof beams. However, it lacks a solid roof or walls. They look like uncompleted structures that can change the look of your outdoor space completely. It enhances the quality of your deck or patio by giving it an increased visual appeal. Pergolas have many benefits for homeowners who want additional outdoor space. There are many reasons why people install a pergola in their homes. They include:

1) They Give Protection from the Harsh Elements

Spending time outdoors is quite refreshing, but sometimes the weather can be too harsh. Direct exposure to the sun causes sunburns, skin tanning, and dehydration. The effects of sun exposure can make you hate spending time outside. With a pergola is your home you are protected from the sun as it offers a shaded area. It gives effective protection against sunlight, UV rays, and a heat level of up to 135° F throughout the day. This shade makes it safe for your children to play outside even when it is extremely hot. Additionally, it has special water protection and is strong enough to withstand heavy snow loads.

The waterproof feature prevents water from passing through. It protects the potted plants and furniture that can be destroyed by rainwater. Pergolas come in different roof designs. Not all designs cater to harsh weather elements. All prevent sunlight, but some pergola roofs are not water sealed and have the essential carrying capacity. You should conduct a little research to get the best pergolas for your home. They should offer all these safeguarding features. You should also look for one that suits your style and provides enough relaxation space for your family.

2) They Create Extra Space

A pergola can serve many different purposes in your home. It makes it the perfect space to relax with your family after dinner and during weekends. You can set up an entertainment lounge with couches and a table or a dining area. It is a preferred area to entertain guest in your home. Pergolas can also be used as a garden space in your home. Since most modern homes lack natural plants, people use their pergolas to create floating gardens with climbing plants. Popular plant options are grape vines, clematis, and ivy, which grow from the ground and into a natural ceiling for the pergola. These plants offer clean breathing air since they emit oxygen during the day. Having a pergola with intertwined plants and flowers is relaxing, making it your safe space.

3) Gives Privacy

Privacy while outdoors is hard to come by. The probability of your neighbor watching you or a stranger peeping through your fence is high. Homeowners choose to have pergolas to prevent being on display when they are enjoying the outdoors. Being that a pergola is an open structure, you can create privacy by installing drapes to the sides. Having an enclosed pergola gives you privacy and outdoor exposure all at once.


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