9 Design Elements You Must Have in Your Farmhouse Kitchen

9 Design Elements You Must Have in Your Farmhouse Kitchen

The furnishing and accessories you use in your house determine its look, and this includes the kitchen. This is the heart of the home, where we prepare and eat our meals.

So, you need to make the kitchen look welcoming and lively as well. If you have no idea of the right style to incorporate in your kitchen, how about you look at the farmhouse style.

If you want to try out the farmhouse style kitchen, the following are the top nine features that you must include in the kitchen design according to Parsons Joinery.

1. Use the right colour palette.

It is crucial that you choose colours which blend well with the pallets used elsewhere. Choose colours which are farmhouse settings, things like tint or toned colours of navy blues, warm oranges, and pastel greens to help you choose what works in your kitchen.

2. Ensure there is free standing furniture.

To make your farmhouse style look elegant and unique, you also need to incorporate furniture that adds that touch of the unique look as well.

So, opt for rustic tables instead of the usual built-in island. In short use furniture which is more vintage style and avoid using matching furniture.

3. A kitchen beadboard is essential for a farmhouse.

Beadboard is one of the great masterpieces that will never run out of style. They were initially used to cover some parts of the wall as a way of adding a touch of decor to the room, and you can use it to make or define your farmhouse kitchen.

Ensure to install the beadboard in an area far from water as the woods can get damaged when too close to water. Avoid installing the beadboard at the sink area.

4. Use open shelves or glass door cabinets.

Homeowners widely prefer open shelves because they allow space to put masterpieces or unique ornaments to decorate the room. But they can also help increase the accessibility of the stored items and look great too.

If you are planning to add some pieces of decor in your kitchen, these two are the perfect styles to consider incorporating on the cabinet areas.

5. A great sink is a must.

Traditionally, the farmhouse kitchen would contain huge deep sinks due to the amount of washing that was done in them. But now, people focus more on the stylish feature that the sink will add to the kitchen area.

So, regardless of the size of the sink, you want to install in your kitchen, make sure it matches with the entire decor but meets your needs too.

6. Every farmhouse kitchen requires wood.

There is a lot you can do with wood in a farmhouse kitchen as there are no limits to the areas where you can use it. Whether you want to have wood cabinets, a wood floor or dining furniture, you will not be disappointed as it brings the right look to the room. Some woods to use are the knotty type or try and get some local wood.

7. Add weathered materials.

Rustic weathered materials are one of the best materials to use in various items for your farmhouse kitchen. This means that you should avoid sleek and shiny metals.

Use the antiqued alloys, antique brass or even bonze that has been blackened. Make sure you install the materials in the right places.

8. Choose the proper lighting.

Lighting is a crucial focal point that you need to get right when choosing it for your farmhouse kitchen. The kind of light you prefer for your farmhouse will determine the entire look of the room, and the reflections from the furniture and other items in the kitchen.

Some of the best lighting designs that work for a farmhouse kitchen are copper, wrought iron, glass, and polished stainless steel metals. You want ample visibility at night and lights makes the room look homely.

9 Design Elements You Must Have in Your Farmhouse Kitchen stovetop

9. Consider vintage and rustic accents.

The reason for incorporating these two looks is to make your farmhouse seem like it has been in existence for a long time. To achieve this, you need to choose the features that bring out the old and unique look for your farmhouse kitchen.

Some of the features that can help you achieve the look are the use of antique items like a like a piano, gardening equipment, mason jars and even dog toys or maybe a lead and bowl.


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