Can Practicing Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Can Practicing Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates is bodyweight and resistance training that might just be as effective as cardio exercises, for losing weight.

Although this low impact exercise is mostly best for improving posture and toning, it can also help you shed some pounds. Attending pilates training online will help you to keep healthy and keep a balanced weight.

However, the results may not be as quick as compared to when you engage in cardio exercises. That is because it is a low impact exercise, meaning you’ll not burn as many calories as you may want but is great for those that enjoy a slower pace.

Whether you enjoy exercising on traditional Pilates mats or on a reformer, this workout will help you lead a healthy lifestyle and give you a sense of wellbeing.

However, for people undertaking this exercise solemnly to lose weight, I advise that you combine your fitness routine with diet and other workouts as well.

Pilates is effective, but for you to see fast progress you should also engage in other cardio exercises like walking, swimming, and dog walking among others.

So how can practicing Pilate help me lose weight?

Research on Pilates and Weight Loss

There are so many studies that have been done to determine the relationship between Pilate and weight loss. But they all seem to have mixed findings.

One which was conducted in 2017 where 37 women aged 30 to 50 practiced Pilates for eight weeks, concluded that this low impact workout was effective for:

  • Shaping the waist
  • Decreasing the hip circumference
  • Shedding Weight
  • Reducing BMI

Another study that was carried out in 2015, where women aged 55-66 years old were made to practice Pilates for 12 weeks observed that the exercise did not make any impact on the body’s total composition. However, it helped in increasing the abdominal and limb strength.

There is other research that has proven that Pilates can help you manage back pain and other injuries. But one should first consult with a doctor.

Can Practicing Pilates Help You Lose Weight? ball

How Much Fat Will I Burn?

Some of the factors that influence how much calories you burn when undertaking this exercise include, your current weight and the type of Pilates class you are engaging in. Is it a mat or a reformer class? And how vigorous is it?

Assuming you weigh 10 stone, a 50 minutes Pilates work out at the beginner level will help you burn approximately 175 calories. But for a more advanced level, you are likely to burn 254 calories.

But remember, when it comes to weight loss, it is not a one shoe size fits all affair. People shred their body mass differently. So you shouldn’t be discouraged. It is a wise decision to take a Pilates class where your heart rate is elevated.

Calories and Weight Loss

Calories are what makes your body weight. For you to lose 1 pound, you must burn not less than 3,500 calories. But from the discussion above, Pilates may not be as effective as you need on it own.

I advise that for you to see fast progress, you should combine this exercise with a healthy diet and other workouts such as running and jogging.

What’s the Ideal Schedule for Pilates Workout?

It should go without saying that the more times you work out, the more you are likely to see results. But because of our busy schedules, we may not be able to practice Pilates daily.

Therefore if you are a beginner, 2 to 3 times per week should be enough for you to see results. You should also try Pilates classes that offer full body workout and a higher level of difficulty such as, reformer classes.

You could also combine or alternate Pilates classes with cardio workouts. Whichever way, ensure that you are on a healthy diet at the same time.


If you are hoping to shed some pounds, Pilates classes will be a great beginning. But remember, commitment and patience are essential to your weight loss journey.

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