Safety Tips For Every Public Building

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If this year you are looking to open a small business and have your own office building or public space, there are a lot of things you need to consider. As the owner of a public building which people can come in and out of every day, there are many safety considerations you will need to make to ensure that people are safe under your roof. Today we will be looking at just a few of the standard safety tips you should use in your building this year.

The windows

If you have chosen a building which has many stories, one of the things you will need to consider is whether or not you will have windows which open all the way. Windows opening is ok for the ground floor however as we move up this can be increasingly dangerous and it can be a huge safety risk if there are small children or animals in the building as well as adults. The best choice is to keep the large windows closed and open some small ones at the top of each wall to allow air through without risking safety.

Door security

As soon as you open yourself up to the public for whatever reason, you are going to be at risk and this can be a little bit dangerous for everyone. If you want to ensure that you are safe in your building it is a good idea to have an ID card system which restricts access beyond a certain point. This will ensure that anyone who comes to the building will visit reception first and sign themselves in or present their card. This simply stops dangerous people coming into the building. It is as well important to choose the safest doors for the building. Secure steel doors are the most convenient options with the latest manufacturing technology.

Fire safety

Fire safety is hard enough when you are in an office building or a school such as here: USC Price, but when your building is open to the public it will be even harder for you to manage the escape. Make sure that you have a solid protocol for this kind of thing happening and be sure that you train everyone who works in the building to handle the situation. You won’t be able to take a register like you normally would so it is important to know that everyone has got out of the building safely.

Emergency protocol

A fire isn’t the only issue you could have in your building and it is important to have a safety protocol in place to work for every possibility. Make sure first that you have an idea of what to do if armed people come into the building. Installing a panic button under reception can be a handy way to feel safe in this instance. Be sure that you know what to do in case of a flood or a gas leak and make sure that exits are accessible from most parts of the building for an easy escape.

Cyber security

With the amount we all use computers these days, it is no wonder that cyber security is something to look out for when we are working. If you own a public building make sure that the WiFi is secure and also be sure to have antivirus on every machine to protect them against threats. When we have the public coming to use computers there is a risk of someone opening a spam email or piece of software which hacks into the computer so having these measures in place can be invaluable.

Monitoring the building

As you look after a public building there are always going to be more threats than a private office building or working space. As soon as you open yourself up to the public you will run the risk of something happening and this is why it is so important for you to really think about what you are doing. Make sure that you take the time to install cameras and also alarms in key areas of the building and be sure that you monitor these feeds regularly, now and again it could be the case that you see someone scoping out the place to rob it and this could mean that you need to act and increase your security quickly.

Cameras and lights will also act as a wonderful deterrent for robbers because when they come to see your building and notice the cameras, they will be at risk of being identified and this will likely make them give up and walk away. Make sure that you stay vigilant and always ready for anything.


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